Spotlight Saturday: An Ode to Disney Pins!

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Welcome to Spotlight Saturday!

These are the posts where I’ll be highlighting specific products, brands, beauty tools, styles – really, anything that catches my fancy and I find myself accumulating!

As many who already follow me on other social media platforms know, I’m a huge Disney fan and try to visit Disneyland as often as my pocketbook will allow me to. This love extends to Disney merchandise of all sorts, but specifically, I find it near impossible to refuse a finely crafted mug (being an avid collector of mugs in general)…and well…pins! I can honestly chalk up my love for brooches to the first time my sister came back from Disneyland with two Mickey Mouse pins as gifts for me, and I haven’t turned back since. My collection is only slowly growing and I can’t say that I’ve ever dropped much money on a single pin (though I have about a thousand of Belle in her provincial gown saved on eBay JUST in case…), but these pins serve as a crucial part of my wardrobe. I do have to be aware of certain materials that the push-pin backs won’t stay in on, and frustratingly enough,  they don’t photograph well at all, but they’re the perfect way to work a little Disney into my daily life no matter where I’m going.

As these pins don’t close like normal brooches, I’ve been struggling to find a way to display them properly, but I believe I’ve finally found a solution – a craft project I plan to share with all of you as soon as I acquire the means to create it!

Above is my current collection of pins, below are some pins I’ve been lusting after (none of these photos are mine – all from eBay!). Let me know if you have a favorite Disney pin you own or one you’ve been desperately in search of!


Miss Lark Bahar

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