Weekly Outfit Roundup (03/28/2016-04/03/2016)

Collage_FotorWelcome to my first Weekly Outfit Roundup!

This is where you’ll find me posting my collection of outfits composed of a mix of vintage and reproduction from the week! Hope you enjoy!

This week came as a blessed relief here in Tucson as our desert climate dropped down to the 60s! Perfect excuse to wear the longer sleeves, hotter materials, and tighter skirts that it’s generally just too hot to wear these days.My favorite outfit is definitely a tie between Thursday’s and Friday’s look, and the hair-dos from these days were also two of my favorite looks on myself of all time. The white top I’m wearing by Pinup Girl Clothing in the second outfit is one of my favorite cuts for a top and fits me much better in the waist than most PUG tops, but the shirt runs extremely tight in the arms so rarely gets used. I can’t bring myself to give it up since I’m a sucker for a standing collar and it’s the only one in my wardrobe (and it balances out the voluminous Jenny skirt from PUG so brilliantly!), but wearing it definitely comes with a bit of discomfort. My second favorite features my new pink peasant top from Tatyana acquired in their recent 50% off sale. It’s a thin top, but that makes it perfect for summer here. It’s a nice cheap alternative to Pinup Girl Clothing’s peasant tops if you’re willing to show a little midriff (though they have long versions available as well!) and wear a top that doesn’t necessarily accentuate your waist but definitely gives you that youthful look.


Miss Lark Bahar


Tuesday’s Look


Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Cherry Red
Red 1950s hat: From Etsy shop BohemianBisoux
Popcorn Purse: Pinup Girl Clothing
Customized Pinup Brooch: Lillian Madison Designs
XS Red Velvet Dress: From Etsy shop RetroRedRocket
XS Black Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Black Seamed Tights: Transparenze from Amazon
Black flats: Vintage

Thursday’s Look

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Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ American Beauty
Pearl hair pin: Thrifted
Clip-on green earrings: Thrifted
Pearl necklace: Vivien of Holloway
Frog brooch: Vintage
XS white Lauren top: Pinup Girl Clothing
XS red belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
XS Jenny skirt in Queen of Hearts Border Print: Pinup Girl Clothing
Petite Cosette petticoat (x2): Malco Modes
Red heels: Thrifted

Friday’s Look

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Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Besame Red
Hair scarf: Vintage
Hoop earrings: From Etsy shop ilovetobuildhoops
Dancing couple brooch: Vintage
XS Arabella Peasant Blouse in pink: Tatyana
XS red felt skirt: From Etsy shop TinyTemple
Petite Cosette petticoat: Malco Modes
Capezio Seamed Fishnet Tights: Amazon
Pink polka dot heels: Thrifted

Saturday’s Look

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Lipstick: Colour Pop’s Ultra-Matte Avenue
1950s black velvet platter hat: Vintage
Clip-on pearl earrings: Vintage
Black Marilyn halter-neck top: Le Bomb Shop
Customized Pinup Brooch: Lillian Madison Designs
XS green flecked pencil skirt: Vintage
Black Seamed Tights: Transparenze from Amazon 
Black heels: Thrifted

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