Tuesday Tutorials: How I Wet Set My Hair

Hello everyone!

I get questions about the way I style my hair all the time and the base for all of my dos is one specific wet set that I then work with as the curls fall out throughout the week. So I recorded a little (or a long!) video showing the process I go through for a set! I learned how to set my hair from perusing blogs and youtube tutorials just like mine and began by only setting every now and then to setting once a week and never going out with my hair natural. If you have thick, coarse, curly hair like mine, you should be able to make your set last several days – up to a week! And sometimes more, if you should be lucky. Although the set I do results in a 1950s look at the beginning of the week, by the end, the curls loosen just enough for my hair to emulate 1940s looks! Best of both worlds, if you have a longer midi cut like I do. I’ve done this same set on a gal with straight (but thick) hair, and a gal with extremely long and curly (but fine) hair, and I would say that this method of setting is really made for shorter hair down to mid-shoulder-blade at the longest or it won’t brush out with the same effect. I plan to experiment a bit more with longer hair to see if I can make it work – perhaps try heat setting.

This is my first filmed tutorial so bare with me. Had to get creative with lighting and camera placement since I don’t have any fancy equipment and can’t afford to acquire any. I plan on re-filming this this weekend now that I’ve gone through all of the steps and have learned a bit about editing/how much longer it takes to set when you’re talking through most of it, but I’m quite excited to take my first step into the video tutorial world and hope to film many more!

Meanwhile, here’s the video I did film – and I’m throwing in the diagrams I drew of my wet set pattern that I follow as a more concise aid + what the wet set I did in the video brushed out to look like.

Hope you enjoy!


Miss Lark Bahar


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorials: How I Wet Set My Hair

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  2. I loved everything about this video ! Next time I set my hair ,I’m definitely going to use it ! I was wondering if you’d do one with your hair damp from being washed like you normally do? I’d love to see the end result of that and if there any difference. This was so helpful,thank you so much ❤


    • I’m going to refilm the first one going from damp hair, but it’ll show up in a guest blog I’m going to do in about a month. So yes! I probably won’t re-film the brush out process until I figure out a better way to light my hair, though. It ends up looking really similar either way, honestly. It more depends on whether I use Lottabody or the Garnier Fructis Spray Gel. I’m glad it was helpful! Us curly haired gals gotta stick together 😉


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