Mondays Need a Little Music: “Walk the Line” OST

This past week has been quite the stressful one for me, so I’ve been listening to some tunes I can really sing along to as a distraction. Everyone who knows me well is well aware that I have a thing for duets and biopics about musicians and other older artists, so I’ve had the “Walk the Line” soundtrack with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon on repeat as a way to let out some steam. Although the original Johnny Cash might be unbeatable, Joaquin’s voice always astounds me and his portrayal of Johnny Cash feels just right.

Although I’d personally never listened to June Carter before the movie (and I generally don’t still, with the exception of her duets with Johnny), I’m almost more enamored with Reese’s voice than I am with Joaquin’s. Her perfect country twang feels like an immediate pick-me-up, and it’s fun to sing along to even if country normally isn’t your thing. Their voices together make nothing short of magic. “Jackson” is my personal favorite of the lot, but not a single song on this soundtrack deserves to go unnoticed. If you haven’t seen the film, check it out! But be prepared for the rollercoaster ride that was Johnny Cash’s life.

In the meantime, take a listen to the full soundtrack that includes almost everything from the film (a notable exception being one of my favorite covers: June Carter’s “Time’s A-Wastin'”).

What’s your favorite?


Miss Lark Bahar


2 thoughts on “Mondays Need a Little Music: “Walk the Line” OST

  1. I loved Johhny’s music so much growing up , my beau actually reintroduced me to it through this movie. I’ve got a soft spot for Reese witherspoon so I fell in love with everything about it(especially the fashion). My favorites also Jackson along with It Aint me Babe 🙂


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