Tuesday Tutorials: How I Brush Out My Wet Set

Hello everyone!

Last week’s tutorial was all about how I set my hair, so today’s is all about how I brush it out – both equally important steps. (Take a peak at yesterday’s post if you need a refresher.) Although the process changes a bit every week as my hair behaves differently depending on products used to set, how wet the hair was when I set it, etc., the overall concepts remain steady. Most importantly, just keep brushing! Don’t give up, and you’ll get there. I didn’t speed much up in this video since I felt watching the process in real time would be most beneficial, so this is about how long it takes to brush out and manipulate my hair the first day I take it out of its set each week, but the more time you spend perfecting your hair the first day, the less work you’ll need to do every other day of the week if your hair’s like mine and can go unwashed so long! Definitely worth it in my book – especially considering how scratchy and uncomfortable my natural curls always became after two days going unwashed.

I actually love brushing my set out as it’s something I never got to do with my natural hair. Brushing this heap of curls always resulted in a giant puff ball!


Here’s a list of the types of products I personally use when brushing my hair out:

1) Some sort of paddle-esque brush – preferably with cushioning
2) Teasing brush
3) Rat-tail comb (or any comb with thin, tight teeth)
4) Hair spray
5) Moroccan Argan Oil (not necessary)
6) Pomade (not necessary)
7) Duck bill clips

Below are a few photos I (tried) to take of my hair after filming the tutorial so you can see the brushed out set a bit more clearly than in the video itself.


Hope this is helpful in figuring out how to brush out your own wet set!


Miss Lark Bahar

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorials: How I Brush Out My Wet Set

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  2. This was helpful, thank you! I think I’ve watched too many videos where they do their brush-out in four minutes, so I find myself getting super frustrated and panicky when my hair is doing it’s own thing. Patience might have been my lacking virtue in the process.


    • I definitely get frustrated by those speedy tutorials as well! The brush out stage is so crucial – definitely requires patiences, but if you work at it, it’ll give you amazing results! Why I wanted to post the entire process =)


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