Housewife Chic by Ruby Brooches


As everyone knows, I’m a HUGE sucker for brooches. In fact, I’ve spent all day (trying) to put together a few brooch and pin holders for my quickly growing collection.


This past week has been full of brooch love as I not only won Deer Arrow’s most recent Instagram giveaway, but also finally opted to work with the gal behind Ruby’s Musings and her daughter to order a few brooches from their new shop HOUSEWIFECHICbyruby. I first met Ruby through Instagram where she originally found me, and we’ve stayed connected ever since. She has a gorgeous and incredibly helpful blog that she regularly updates with recipes, spotlights, and countless other topics, and with the help of her extremely talented daughter (the artist who creates the designs), they put together a brooch company that produces an adorable line of baking and kitchen-inspired brooches, busts, and any custom brooch you can dream up!

As someone who loves food but doesn’t generally have the time to cook and bake, I hesitated purchasing one of their original designs, but the amazing prices convinced me that didn’t matter. What really sealed the deal was when I saw their newer bust brooches accompanied by the new knowledge that they love custom orders and make amazing custom bust brooches as well!

I quickly took to their Etsy shop to begin discussions of ordering something myself. Ruby immediately responded and we quickly discussed possibilities. I mentioned that I was interested in a custom bust of my own, one of the busts her daughter had pre-designed, as well as a custom pair of red pointe shoes as inspired by the cover of one of my favorite films, “The Red Shoes.”


Ruby and her daughter were incredibly accommodating and by the following day we had decided how to execute the red shoes, and which close-up of mine (of the handful I sent) her daughter might want to work with most.


As I’m always interested in seeing the process and progress of any custom items I order, I asked if she could send me photos as her daughter created my brooches and she was more than happy to do so! Although she had mentioned that they were a bit busy currently given the interest following the custom bust brooch, I was amazed when three days later, Ruby contacted me with progress and completion photos!

Since this is often how long some shops take to ship who AREN’T hand-making custom items, I was ecstatic about the incredibly fast turnaround time and overall communication when my brooches arrived less than a week after we started discussing them. Not only that, but they’re sizable, yet incredibly affordable and lightweight due to the medium used! I wouldn’t change a thing about the designs I received – no mean feat as I’m quite a picky person. I will definitely be going back for more. Would love a few of their kitchen-themed items, and they have so many upcoming tea-themed brooches that look like they will be absolutely beautiful!

Take a gander at HOUSEWIFECHICbyruby’s brooches in action!

Blue Lady Head – Limited Edition



Custom “The Red Shoes” Brooch




Custom  Bust





If you’d like to find Ruby:
Shop Instagram; Blog Instagram


Miss Lark Bahar

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