Weekly Outfit Roundup: (05/09/2016-05/15/2016)


Sorry I’ve been a bit absent this past week! Finishing up my semester at school, so was pretty busy. All done now though, and free to blog as much as I’d like!


Miss Lark Bahar

Tuesday’s Look

This look is one I put together last year for a photoshoot for Le Bomb Shop for 4th of July. The skirt got lost in the space beneath my bed for almost an entire year, so I had to take it out for a run soon as I rediscovered it; however, the more notable part of my wardrobe was definitely my hair. I tried putting finger waves in my hair for the first time and after an hour and a half of fruitlessly attempting to finger wave the sides and tops of my hair, I gave up and settled for vaguely finger waving the top. While I love the look on others, I might just have too much hair for this. I ended up being inspired by the below test photo of Judy for Ziegfeld Girl, just had to sweep some of the top of my hair to the side since I had too much of it to stay back in a properly shaped way.


Confetti Earrings: Thrifted
Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Besame Red
Blue Marilyn Top: Le Bomb Shop
Gold & Red Brooch: Vintage
White Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Red & Yellow Plaid Skirt: Instagram shop Far From Here Vintage
Cosette Petticoat (x1): Malco Modes
White Heels: Thrifted

Thursday’s Look

Since I was planning on selling this skirt to fund a new Pinup Girl Clothing purchase, I wanted to put together a look with it. Whipped out my Tatyana cropped peasant top for it and went for a sweet look!


Pale Pink Earrings: Thrifted
Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ American Beauty
Light Pink Cropped Peasant Top: Tatyana
Lucite-Inspired Floral Brooch: Etsy shop SummerBlueJewelry
White Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Flamingo Skirt: The Oblong Box Shop
Cosette Petticoat (x1): Malco Modes
Pink Polka Dot Slingback Heels: Thrifted

Friday’s Look

This look was primarily put together so I could wear a big hat and cover my deteriorating hairdo. So comfortable, though!


Boater Hat: Amazon
Lipstick: Colourpop’s Avenue
Rectangle Gold Earrings: Thrifted
1950s Silk Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Blue Belt: Thrifted
Pear Brooch: Thrifted
Green Heels: Bettie Page Shoes from Zulily

Saturday’s Look

Reset my hair for the weekend – sadly, had to take it out when it was slightly damp, so the back isn’t nearly curled as usual – but re-wore my Paris Jenny dress! Converted into a skirt for the day (which is apparently a slightly painful process with Jenny dresses because of boning…….) PS, pardon the poor-quality photos for the following two days – left my camera charger at work so had to work with a phone!


Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Merlot
Burgundy Crepe Satin Jojo Blouse: Vivien of Holloway
Wall-E Brooch: Instagram/Etsy shop TiffysCraftCreations
White Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Paris Jenny Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Cosette Petticoat (x2): Malco Modes
White Heels: Thrifted

Sunday’s Look

Only dressed up to go to the grocery store today to pick up a few essentials for my Harry Potter feast with my little sister and roomie, so planned something  around my red hat which is only wearable to a few places.


Red Hat: Buffalo Exchange
Hoop Earrings: From Etsy shop ilovetobuildhoops
Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Cherry Red
Red Shoes Custom Brooch: Housewife Chic by Ruby
White Peasant Top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Red Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles: Poshmark
Mary Blair Lavender Lips & Roses Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Cosette Petticoat (x2): Malco Modes
Red Heels: Thrifted

12 thoughts on “Weekly Outfit Roundup: (05/09/2016-05/15/2016)

  1. Forgive the personal question but – I have to ask if you are wearing a bullet bra with your Paris Jenny skirt/dress and Vivien of Holloway JoJo blouse? If so, which brand do you recommend? I’d like to try one, but I’m not sure the silhouette is for me, and at 32DD, I’m not sure I’d quite fill one out. Any suggestions on this front?


    • Hey Julie! I don’t mind answering at all! I’m a 32DD as well, actually =). I can’t wear a bra with my Paris Jenny as I can’t zip it up if I do, but with the Viv top, I’m wearing What Katie Did’s Marlene bra in 32DD and I fill it out decently, but if I need a little help (or have a blouse that’s not showing the shape as much as I’d like,) I pop in Lucy B’s bullet bra pads to fill me out that extra little bit! They’re amazing and I honestly wear the WKD bra + bullet bra pads as much as possible. Love the shape they give me! But if you’re a bit nervous about the pointy shape, I’d try WKD’s cone bra instead of one of their bullet shapes, and opt out of the bullet bra pads (or at least get WKD’s which are much softer and rounder).

      Let me know if you have any other questions! ❤


      • Lovely, thanks! I am not too far from the LA/Burbank What Katie Did shop, so I will pop over there soon and I’m sure Ashleeta or one of the girls can fix me up. This is just what I needed to hear!


          • Thanks again for the advice. I loved the Marlene bra but walked away with the Maitresse (same cut, different fabric). It’s gorgeous and now I want more! Have you ever tried one of Lucy B’s bras? Her lingerie is lovely but I’m not sure of the quality. It would be great for you to do a round up of your favorite foundation garments – vintage, reproduction, and contemporary. Thanks again for the information!


            • I will as soon as I can afford more! Haha. I have indeed tried a Lucy B bra and the quality’s great, but mine has an underwire which I’m not fond of at all, so I rarely wear it. The cups are incredibly comfortable though!


  2. Harry Potter feast?! Sounds wonderful. I love that floral bakelite-inspired brooch. What eyeliner do you use, if you don’t mind me asking? My gel eyeliner smudges on my top lids sometimes, and it really bugs me.


    • It was delicious! I was planning on filming and posting it, but forgetting my camera charger put a damper on that hahaha.
      And I actually cheat! I use Revlon Colourstay Crayon along the lid, then layer over it with Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid eyeliner and do the wing with it. Lasts much longer! And doesn’t cost an arm and a leg 😉


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