Loves & Desires of the Week: Besame Cosmetics’ Decades of Fragrances

If anything’s obvious about my cosmetic tastes, it’s that Besame Cosmetics’ lipsticks and blushes are my go-to items. When I first tried one of their lipstick colors, the gorgeous 1946 Red Velvet, I was astounded by how smoothly the lipstick went on and how long it lasted! Didn’t budge in the least after a long days’ work. And the rouge? Well, their Crimson Rouge is not only the only blush I use now, but has changed the way I do my make-up completely!

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While I’ve been dying to try their brightening powders and their various mascaras, as well as branching out into their pink shades of lip color, on the top of my Besame Cosmetics wishlist is their perfumes.


As someone who’s incredibly picky with fragrances, but is always on the look-out for the more masculine, musky scents with a decadent feel, as soon as Besame began releasing their era-appropriate perfumes, and even included a set with samples from all decades, I became extremely excited!

No longer did I have to choose between 6 $68 fragrances that all sounded gorgeous, but I could get all of them for only $45! Sadly, the rollerball set sold out (twice!) before I had a chance to order it, so I have yet to try any of them. While many are also sold out as individual perfume bottles, I hope that Besame will restock all of them soon! Take a peek at the fragrances and their inspirations:

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While the 1940s one sounds the most immediately appealing to me, I hesitate to make such a costly purchase without being able to try it when all of the other scents sound just as wonderful. Do you have a favorite Besame Cosmetics perfume? Help me choose!


Miss Lark Bahar

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