Review of LFN Creations’ Jewelry

Although most of my time has been preoccupied with bringing you guys my giveaway in celebration of reaching 10K Instagram followers on my Instagram and my blog, I’ve also been working behind the scenes to bring you reviews of items from shops I’ve discovered. LFN Creations, a small, new business run by a fellow Disney fan named Nikki, contacted me when I sent out my request for collaborations on Instagram.

I quickly glanced at her shop, found on Instagram, and saw a cute variety of jewelry that could fit into a nice range of styles at great, affordable prices. Although her work tends to lean towards a more modern look, quite a few pieces caught my eye that I absolutely loved and knew I could work into my vintage-inspired look.

She quickly had my items shipped to me and they were packaged beautifully in these adorable bags with her shop’s card slipped inside.


She sent me the three items I’d loved most from her Instagram – the bird necklace to match my name, the neon triangle bracelet to fill a gap in colors I have in my accessory collection, and the Disneyland 60th anniversary friendship bracelet because…well….Disney! – as well as a gorgeous surprise of rose patterned earrings!

Upon taking the jewelry out of their bags, I noticed that the pieces felt nice and durable and quickly started planning outfits around them. I wore the earrings first as they happened to match the outfit I wore for last week’s Spotlight Saturday review.


I then decided to pair my Disneyland-themed bracelet with an adorable red, white, and blue ensemble since I knew the blue and silver-y white of the bracelet would match well. I also loved that the friendship bracelet style looks similar to a watch and I’m a sucker for the look of a watch paired with a casual ’50s outfit.


The bird necklace I decided to pair with my Paris Jenny since the thematic idea appealed to me.

(PS – if you’d like a hair flower and other hair accessories by the company who made the one I’m wearing, go ahead and enter my giveaway! And stay tuned for a review 💖)


And the final outfit is perhaps my favorite of the lot considering how well my bracelet matched the look! Still amazes me that I had this whole outfit planned before I knew I would be getting the bracelet – such a perfect ensemble. Not to mention how well it matches my tattoo 😉


Head on over to Nikki’s Instagram to check out her wide range of jewelry! There’s a little something for everyone, and it’s so fun to work with something other than the brooches I generally find myself limited to.


Miss Lark Bahar

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