Review: Hungry Designs Brooches & Postcards

With the debut of my new logo (as created by the wonderful Christine Geasey)…


…I felt it only appropriate that I review one of my favorite art/accessory shops (previously featured on my blog in a Loves & Desires of the Week post) who recently sent me a care package. Though subtly done, my icon features elements of Disney (Belle’s blue dress, Meg’s white flower, Mickey brooch), and the care package so kindly sent by the wonderfully talented Hungry Designs beautifully fits into this aesthetic. Although I had no idea what she planned to send me, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the package all the way from Australia and found not one, but 3 brooches and a handful of her beautiful postcards!

Her postcards are absolutely stunning – I’m already trying to think of ways to display them in my room – and her brooches are absolutely perfect! Right up my alley. Her brooches are made by printing her artwork on wood, and then cutting them out with lasers. As such, they’re probably more susceptible to getting wet and less sturdy than a resin covered brooch, but this isn’t exactly a problem for a gal who lives in the desert!

My only note would be that the brooch backings she uses aren’t the kind that latches closed, but the kind that is simply pushed into place to hold. These are more difficult to manipulate for me when I’m trying to use them with a thicker material as they tend to pop open, but this is a rare occurrence and so not much of a worry.

Although I wore my Belle with teacups brooch with my outfit today, my other two brooches matched as well. Here they are in action!

Teacup Belle

I’m so happy to have another Belle to add to my collection! As my favorite Disney character (and one I greatly identify with), I collect Belle brooches (particularly Belle in her blue gown) and I’m so happy that Hungry Designs sent me this interpretation of the character. The teacup design is to DIE for, and I love the little Chip shout out.



Bambi is one of those classic Disney films that I feel lacks the representation it deserves from the Disney-loving community. Bambi is a beloved character, and I’m glad to have a way to represent him in my wardrobe now.



The fact that I’m a huge Beauty & the Beast fan was obviously not lost! My casual Belle Disneybound is now complete with this gorgeous Chip artwork now at my disposal.


Selection of Postcards


Hungry Designs definitely offers the widest range of Disney and other fandom pins without needing to dive into the territory of custom orders (though if she ever made customs an option, I’d immediately jump on that opportunity!) while still presenting unique artwork. This is what drew me to her shop originally, and seeing everything in person only solidified my love for what she does! Although she’s currently on vacation, I still have a large number of her designs saved in my Etsy cart for purchase later, and I can’t wait to see the new designs she returns with when the time comes! Her artwork is truly beautiful and a joy to own.

If you’d like to follow Hungry Designs to keep tabs on her creations, new and old, you can head to these links:





Miss Lark Bahar

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