I am NOT a prize to be won! The Ambrosia Bowl’s Jasmine Brooch


If anyone knows how very much Disney merchandise can flood one’s life, it’s me. And if you’re like me, you know that so much of the merch that Disney actually produces and sells in its shops are marketed  towards children and so made as flashy as possible. Although I love me some glitter and I adore the Disney princesses, I am frustrated every single time I head to Disneyland and peruse the pins in hopes for a princess who hasn’t had glitter thrown onto her mass produced artwork. While one reason I love acquiring custom Disney merch (like my recently reviewed Hercules-themed skirt from Vance Clothing) is that you can pick and choose your favorite scenes from any film you could desire, the primary reason is that my favorites simply don’t make their way onto merchandise as they should.

Jasmine, the only Middle Eastern princess who’s made it into the franchise, is one princess whose products are particularly disappointing. She primarily appears in one position when alone (though there’s a common pin of her with Aladdin that I plan to get my hands on), with the same passive expression all the princesses wear, and her wardrobe is glitzed up in a way that I find particularly unappealing – just doesn’t flow with the softness of her outfit.

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What a collection! I'm super proud of the designs I have so far, and am even more excited for what's coming down the pipeline! New releases will be arriving in the next few weeks ☺ All current designs are available for purchase in my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/theambrosiabowl and future releases will be announced here first, so be sure to follow me for updates! 😚 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ❤ #brooch #brooches #noveltybrooch #disney #theambrosiabowl #disneyvillain #madammim #swordinthestone #ursula #thelittlemermaid #democrat #republican #berniesanders #hillaryclinton #donaldtrump #johnkasich #donkey #elephant #usa #ruok #ruokday #suicide #depression #eeyore #piglet #winniethepooh #stopthestigma #mentalhealth #inmemoriam #pinupstyle

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When I discovered The Ambrosia Bowl on Instagram, I was delighted by her existent wood brooches featuring Madam Mim (the first piece of merchandise I’ve actually seen for her!), Ursula with Flotsam/Jetsam, Piglet hugging Eeyore, and even Ralph Wiggum from Simpsons! Such wonderful characters who were being shown off by her work in cute, easy to wear ways. When she told me she was going to be releasing a new line of brooches and then later saw them, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw that she was creating three Disney princesses and Alice showing off what I feel to be definitive expressions that represent key moments in their films.

She kindly agreed to send me a brooch in exchange for a review on my blog, and, while I had trouble choosing between the Mulan, Jasmine, and Ariel, I ended up opting for Jasmine knowing I would NEVER find another brooch or pin showing off the fiery strength Jasmine shows in that moment. Plus, as a Middle Eastern gal, I have been trying (in vain) for quite a long while to acquire a Jasmine brooch for my collection.


At around $20-$25, The Ambrosia Bowl‘s hand-painted wooden brooches are worth every penny. The artwork is absolute perfection on everything I’ve seen and my brooch is no exception. Every detail seamlessly matches up to Jasmine’s inspiration image from the original artwork. Not only do I get a brooch showing off Jasmine’s passionate moment of feminism, but I feel as if I’m wearing something that came directly from the original artists – much preferable to the mass-produced look she’s been given through the years. I do wish she was a bit less pale in the brooch version (though the discrepancy is much less obvious in person since my photograph of the brooch definitely washes out some of the intensity of the colors overall), but I wouldn’t change a single thing otherwise!

She matches a large chunk of my wardrobe brilliantly, the matte paint keeping it from clashing with prominent prints and bright colors while the metallic glitter of her jewelry makes it easy to match with my own gold accessories and helps her pop. I paired her with my simplest dress for this review in order to show her off as clearly as possible. I wanted Jasmine to be the focal point today!


As I’m sure is quite obvious, I was only available to take quick photos at the worst time of day light-wise, so it was a tricky business capturing these for you without splotches of sunshine washing different parts of my body out, but you can easily see what an impactful brooch Jasmine makes! I feel empowered wearing her on my breast, and she helps remind me that there’s nothing wrong with the fiery passion and intense rage that so often courses through me. Just like Jasmine says, I am not a prize to be won.

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