Breakfast in Disneyland: My New Brooch by The Sweet Mouse


I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes of my blog, and I’m very happy to finally bring you a review of one of the brooches I received for myself from one of the shops kind enough to send me an item for my celebratory 10K giveaway hosted awhile ago.

I tagged The Sweet Mouse, one of the most popular of the Disney-themed accessory shops out there, in my original Instagram post seeking shops to collaborate with and was blown away when Shantelle agreed to participate as well as sending a little brooch of my own to review. As my Instagram giveaway theme was Food, Flowers, and Fifties, she offered to send us both one of her incredibly charming and kitschy Mickey Breakfast Brooches.

I chose the pink as I felt it fit the 50s theme as well, and the brown plate for myself as I enjoyed the versatility of the shade and knew it would be a great fall/winter-time Disney brooch.


I was happy to see that her brooch was as well put together in person as it looked online, and the little breakfast food details are absolutely ADORABLE! I love being able to wear eggs, bacon, and waffles, and as Leslie Knope said….

I find this brooch expresses my love for breakfast food as eloquently as her waffle purse does, don’t you? And on a Mickey platter on top of it! Maybe I can actually execute that Disney breakfast Bound I’ve wanted to put together since I found out about Bounding…….I’d just have to buy her ice cream ears to complete the look! (Ice cream’s a breakfast food…right?)

I chose to pair my brooch with an outfit I wouldn’t generally think to pair brown with, showing how versatile the shade is. While browns can be neutrals for some, I’ve generally not found this to be the case for me as I find it clashes with the black of my hair in a decidedly NOT neutral way. This brooch, however, is small enough with enough other neutral shades that it’s rendered much more wearable with my bright summer wardrobe – as you can see with my outfit today.


Quick side note – took these photos with a phone INSIDE against a very pale minty teal wall in an apartment I hope to soon be renting! A well lit house! Imagine that!


I love my quirky little brooch from Shantelle, and looking at her shop overall, she certainly knows how to accessorize her accessories! Her awareness of creating and embellishing accessories that read in clear thematic ways is astounding.

She also offers a whole slew of customized mouse ears and hair bows – there’s definitely something for any Disney fan!

If you’d like to see more of her work and purchase something for yourself, you can head here:





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