Les Rêves des Amoureux Sont Comme le Bon Vin: My Disney Le Petit Mouse Brooches

Last but not least on my list of reviews focusing on shops who were kind enough to collaborate with me on my recent giveaway is Le Petit Mouse. This review has been a long time coming and I’m glad to finally have the time to sit down and show off my amazing brooches on my blog (though they’ve already appeared on my Instagram several times).

Melissa, the artist behind the shop, was kind enough to offer to send me a brooch of my own to review on top of the brooch for my giveaway, and I was over-the-moon ecstatic when she suggested she send me a Ratatouille brooch I expressed love for on her Instagram. Since Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar film (if we set aside the Toy Story franchise), and I’ve had tremendous trouble finding actual Disney pins and Disney-themed pins from small shops that I actually like, I was terribly surprised when she posted about her new design.

While the design didn’t feature any characters, it DID feature some of my favorite foods in the world – cheese, bread, and tomatoes. And who could resist a miniature chef’s hat and spoon??? Though the original was posted as a necklace, she was happy to offer it in brooch form.

When I received the selection of brooches in the mail, I was once again surprised to find an extra brooch thrown in as a gift to me – one of the classic retro “D” brooches adorned with adorable little flowers in a beautiful shade of bright, maraschino cherry red. And of course, the detail of the adorable adornments! Such a perfect selection of food related items for a Ratatouille-themed brooch. Both were obviously well made and would fit into my fast-growing Disney brooch and pin collection seamlessly.

(Disclaimer: As the brooches felt like they would fit very different outfits, I took photos for this post on two separate days, so pardon the discrepancies in scenery and photo quality 😉. The way my camera will behave is always a guessing game, sadly.)

Floral Retro Disney “D” Brooch


Ratatouille Brooch


I’m so happy to be able to have something Ratatouille-themed, and love that the yellows in my wardrobe are slowly expanding. Below are a few of Melissa’s other brooches I’m dying to add to my collection.

While I’ve never been as big a fan of cameo brooch designs, for some reason, the way Le Petit Mouse does them makes them adorable! The Toy Story and Sleeping Beauty cameos particularly are simply works of art. Not to mention her other “D” brooches which showcase a wonderful selection of embellished designs (a cellophane “D” brooch?? I’m in!). I know that she’s also open to custom orders and so, have been trying to think of a design I would like brought to life, but honestly, the selection she already has is so brilliant already, it’s not needed.

To purchase an item from or simply keep tabs on Le Petit Mouse’s gorgeous designs, you can head to these social medias:



She comes up with new designs constantly, so I would definitely suggest following her Instagram as it’s great fun to see what she creates! It was through Instagram that I found her shop in the first place, and I’m happy to say that her craftsmanship lives up to her feed.


Miss Lark Bahar


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