Mondays Need a Little Music: The Andrews Sisters

When my taste in music began shifting away from the pop-rock I’d steeped myself in high school and most of college to classic 40s, 50s, and 60s tunes a few years ago, The Andrews Sisters was one of the first group/artists to really catch my ear in the way modern bands used to. Their beautiful, precise melodic lines never fail to please me, and unlike some artists from the era whose hits tickle my ear while everything else falls a little flat, The Andrews Sisters’ entire discography presents exciting music that ranges through a variety of emotions.

The first tune I discovered by them was ear-worm enducing “Rum and Coca-Cola” – a fun tune that I admit remains one of my favorites with its wonderful rhythm and simple arrangement that makes it easy to sing and easily helps one envision the charms of summer.

The most popular song in their arsenal is of course their “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,”a tune that solidly shows off their status as a wartime trio. This song wonderfully shows off Patty’s vocals as the lead, and every time I hear it, I become convinced, once again, that I must teach myself how to execute that wonderful growl! For a discography full of pretty, seamless arrangements, Patty could sure bring out the grit when she wanted to.

At risk of listing every single Andrews Sisters song in this post, I’ll leave only two more, my favorite of their long list of recordings, “Bei Mir Bist du Schön” and “Carmen’s Boogie.” The lyric of the first paired with the melody line is so pleasant when coupled with the jazzy underpinnings. While not a complicated arrangement, and not one that requires complicated vocals, this is just one of those lighthearted, simple tunes that relaxes me while appealing to the wistful romantic in me.

“Carmen’s Boogie” simply features one of the most enticing and satisfying melodies of all time, perfect for a good dance and a good sing.

If you’d like to catch a few more of their tunes, I would suggest also trying out “Six Times a Week and Twice On,” “Melancholy Moon,” “One Meat Ball,” “Down in the Valley,” “I Love You Much too Much,” “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree,” or “Aurora,” but honestly, any song from their discography is worth listening to.

Do you have a favorite Andrews Sisters tune? A favorite trio group? I’d love to hear and find new music!


Miss Lark Bahar

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