Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Book Release with My New Femme de Bloom HP-Inspired Brooches

This year marks a wonderful one for Harry Potter fans as we find event after event appearing to warm our Hogwarts-loving hearts. First, all of us near the West Coast FINALLY got our own Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios. This past weekend marked the first official release of a Harry Potter “book” in years and years. And before us lies the impending release of Fantastic Beasts featuring one of my biggest movie crushes, Eddie Redmayne. While 2016 has CERTAINLY proven to be a year where new ideas have been dashed in favor of bringing back old loves, I honestly can’t say that I mind Harry Potter making a come-back in pop culture. Though I can’t really say that the HP fanbase has ever died out, it’s nice to see it making headlines again.


The anticipation for Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, the script to the new play once limited to its single production at the West End, has been almost painful, so as soon as bookstores began to announce good ol’ fashioned midnight book release celebrations, my best friend/roomie, lil sis and I immediately started planning.

We knew we had to dress up in some way, and I knew that my stand-by Bellatrix look I always leaned on due to my once-existent mass of black curls back when the original series was being released would be impossible now, so we opted to simply represent our houses: the other two as Hufflepuffs, and I as a Ravenclaw. My little cousin, whom we were planning to meet up with, would of course represent her Slytherin house.


I unfortunately realized that, while my wardrobe is full of blue, most of it is a brighter blue that wouldn’t give a proper “Ravenclaw feel,” and none of my jewelry is bronze, so I opted to wear a black wiggle I’d been saving for the cooler months embellished with the odd blue, silver, and gold accessories to emulate the darker blues and bronze. My best friend suggested I try a blue snood, and I decided this would be the best way to show off the color, and topped it off with a silver hat of mine that doesn’t get nearly enough play. Although I have a great distaste for the way double victory rolls flatter my face from all but one angle, I didn’t want to make us any later by dabbling with new styles, so ended up settling and didn’t mind the end result.


My little sister borrowed my vintage yellow plaid skirt, and my roomie borrowed a yellow sash of mine to tie around her waist. I also allowed her to borrow my new Butterbeer brooch from the adorable Femme de Bloom while I wasn’t using it for the review (what better time and place to review HP-themed brooches, after all?), while I donned her Nimbus 2000 brooch.

Since we’d spent much of the day putting up everything that has to be hung in our new apartment, we ended up running a bit late – something I wouldn’t normally deem acceptable……..but I have to admit a small part of me had low expectations for the party itself given I was a Borders gal back in the day and we were stuck with going to Barnes & Noble. And these suspicions were confirmed by my cousin who arrived on time and said that people were pretty much just sitting around or playing board games. So when we were finally read to head off, I donned my cape, we each picked up our wands (aka the legs from an old chair), and flew off!


3 Witches Trying to Decipher the Meaning of This “Muggle Wall”

When we arrived, we were glad that at least people had dressed up (though we saw no true-to-film cosplay level characters which had riddled midnight releases at our Borders back in the day), and each section was set up as one of the houses with individual activities with the Starbucks reigning as the Great Hall. The activities generally ran along the lines of party games, so we opted out of participating and ended up just wandering around and enjoying the bookstore and its little Harry Potter themed sections until the book release, holding a duel here and there to practice our magic, of course.


Of course, then it turned out all of our dueling had ended up spelling trouble……

…not that you could tell by our sweet faces! 😘

One of the main reasons we focused on taking photos was because of my desire to use the opportunity to take pictures for my Femme de Bloom review. If you ever have the desire to have a photoshoot in Barnes & Noble…..well…….just don’t. My camera couldn’t handle the intensity of the lights, so we ended up having to switch to my roomie’s phone halfway through. Arguably the best duel of the night (since I obviously won against my little sister), was sadly recorded on the camera and resulted in a need for VERY heavy filtration.


Ah well…at least it gave us something to do as we anxiously awaited the actual release of the book! Sadly, since my roomie and I are sharing a book at this point and are in different houses currently due to A/C problems at our new place, I have only read the first act. By tomorrow, that should no longer be a problem. My thoughts are manifold on what I’ve read though, so I’m in for any discussions! I will admit that it is difficult to ignore my desire for the book to be a novel by JK instead of the script for a play by Jack Thorne based mysteriously on a short story by JK that this novel should have been. It simply hasn’t read like a Harry Potter book so far, but I’m glad to have anything, and I’m definitely left bemoaning the fact that I’m stuck halfway through and can’t continue yet, and that I can’t see the play live yet!

But aside from my ramblings about the actual book…I’ll continue with my actual review of my brooches!

The first, and my favorite of the two – because how much I adore the importance of the Nimbus 2000 to Harry, and how magical its name feels (much better than Firebolt! Sounds like a Mac OS name…) – is a handcrafted brooch made from a bronze plated material. When I received it in the mail, it felt like the sturdier of the two brooches.


As with all metallic brooches, it’s hard to see the detail in photos as it gets washed out, but as you can see in my close-up of the pin, the details are true to the online image. This problem with details getting lost is naturally not a problem with the second brooch. This one features a printed image instead of the carved details, so doesn’t have the same problem with shininess, and definitely reads easier than the Nimbus 2000 one.


Sadly, the little clip on the back that wraps around to close the circle when clasping the pin broke off almost immediately as it wasn’t very strong; however, it’s easy enough to simply place the needle into the rounded circle as it’s a light enough brooch that I don’t have any worries of it coming undone.

Melanie, the adorable creator of Femme de Bloom, has an adorably kitschy range of accessories on her Etsy and what she offers is constantly changing, so I would definitely keep an eye out for her on social media:





Did you attend a book release? Have you finished the book yet? Talk to me in the comments! Let’s rave about Harry Potter!


Miss Lark Bahar

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