Sunshine & Roses: Voodoo Vixen’s Yellow Sylvia Sundress + Discount Code!

As a few of you might have noticed, I’ve recently been stuffing my wardrobe with more and more yellow. I had the pleasure of choosing a clothing item from Voodoo Vixen to review, and as soon as I saw the gorgeous Sylvia dress on the list, I knew what my choice had to be!


With its beautiful, flow-y fabric gracefully falling in light tiers so reminiscent of Marilyn’s iconic light blue sundress…


…I knew she would be a perfect summer staple for a gal hoping for casual, comfortable options that still spark interest.

As my measurements are 36″-24,” I had some small hesitation with sizing given I don’t easily fit into the Voodoo Vixen sizing charts (a problem I almost always have) but opted for the smallest size (34″-27″) knowing I could at least belt it if need be. As anticipated, the waist is quite large on my frame, but the bust definitely runs larger as I can fit my long-line bullet bra that adds about an inch to my bust with absolutely no problems. While this is partially due to the smocked back (which could probably allow up to a size L to fit, I would say!), the straps are longer, so the larger bust is a bit necessary to ensure the dress falls in the right place. One of the best consequences of the shirred back is that I can actually get it over my 39″ hips with no hint of struggle! As the website says, this dress fits “true to size with comfortable stretch,” and I would say that’s a fair assessment; however, there’s no zipper of any sort, so I wouldn’t suggest sizing down too drastically.

This dress is so beautiful in person but it’s incredibly difficult to capture the true, bright yellow shade of it – even the website images wash the color out a bit as I would say it’s as bright a lemon yellow as available. Part of what makes the color so difficult to read is the checkered pattern featured all over composed of the bright, solid yellow, and a see-through material with a sheen that shows off the butter yellow underneath.


This double-lining helps give it extra pizzazz and interest without taking away from the gorgeous (and oh-so-versatile) flower print featured on top.

I knew I had to take images with some flowers and grass to show off the care-free feel of this gown, but finding flowers proved too difficult a task in the Arizona heat, so I opted for some fresh grass as the backdrop to my gown.



This dress is honestly almost TOO fun to twirl in! I didn’t even need to wear a petticoat due to the lining/slip already built into it, which means it moved even more easily than usual. The fabric is so wonderfully light weight that it’s impossible to avoid flouncing around a little bit! And the best way I actually found to show off that gorgeous checkered effect and the way the material sways and reflects was by taking a photo of my shadow and dress as I walked with the light shining behind me.


I also had a ton of fun deciding how to accessorize it and ended up opting for some blue accents since I always gravitate toward blue, but there’s so much more color-matching potential to this dress! I’m excited to come up with more combinations

At £54.99, this dress is slightly more affordable than some options, but also not the cheapest. I would say this is reflected in the fabrics as the fabric doesn’t feel as durable and soft as a higher-price point dress’ fabric might, but there’s also attention to detail (the extra lining, the tier-work, etc.) that wouldn’t be there at a lower price-point. Although Voodoo Vixen is from the UK and so shipping costs a bit more to the US (£8.50), it’s actually a relatively cheap addition compared to some international costs. In other words, this dress is definitely worth the cost and will seamlessly become a summer wardrobe staple!

If you’d like to purchase a Slyvia dress for yourself, or any other item from Voodoo Vixen, you can use the code “lark20” until September 1st for 20% off! They have such a wide range of items that finding something to love is more than easy. I personally have my eye on their Rosie and Chelsea dresses. 

To keep tabs on Voodoo Vixen, you can head to these links:





Miss Lark Bahar

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