The Tale of Peter Rabbit & More: My Collection of Lavinia’s Tea Party Brooches

With my brooch collection now nicely hung in my room, I recently came to the realization that I have two primary categories: vintage and Disney – with Harry Potter sprinkled in there a wee bit. As a huge bookworm, I decided to go on the hunt for shops that featured book and story themed designs to create an all new category to fill out. One of the first (and my favorite to date) that I came across was the Etsy shop Lavinia’s Tea Party, a shop that primarily focuses on “tea essentials and vintage China,” but happens to feature over 350 brooches! This shop, alongside its vintage fashion silhouettes, kitschy cacti, and sassy kittens, just happened to feature brooches showcasing the artwork of one of my most beloved writers: Beatrix Potter.

As I know I’m not alone in my love for Beatrix Potter, I knew Lavinia’s brooches would be absolutely perfect to feature on my blog, so contacted her about a collaboration. As I wanted to showcase the range of what she features, I opted for 3 brooches of Beatrix Potter’s art work of Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, and Mrs. Rabbit, an elegant terrarium and a sleek flapper.

I was curious what the quality of these would be like in person as Beatrix’s artwork has such a recognizable yet soft color palette that could too easily be messed with. From Lavinia’s online images, I hoped that they would be as true to the original feel of the drawings as possible without looking washed out. As they were listed as wood brooches, I knew they would at least lack any unnecessary shine and gleam that would take away from the homey feel of the items, and was pleased to see that I was not only correct about this, but the colors in person are actually more vibrant than the photographs on her Etsy and look extremely accurate! If only I had access to the set of Beatrix Potter books I grew up with to provide a true comparison.


The sun was washing out the brooches as it was too bright, but it was impossible to pass up such a cute picture! They all look like they’re in their natural habitat. But I took some photos at a desk to show them off a bit better so you can see how clearly the detail reads.

I would love to eventually have her whole collection of Beatrix Potter brooches, and at $8.16 a brooch, this is absolutely doable! I love having something to collect that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg yet adds to the feel of my looks so much.

Take a gander at them in action today:


How perfectly did Jemima (my personal favorite) match my outfit??

To purchase the brooches I received, you can head to the following links: Plant Terrarium, 1920s Flapper in Green, Peter Rabbit Eating CarrotsMrs. Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck.

I’m honestly so excited to style the colors featured on these brooches as I don’t have many pastels or greens in general. Particularly excited for working them into my fall wardrobe that’s dying to see the light of day again!

If you’d like to follow Lavinia’s shop, she has the following social medias where you’ll find the most beautiful assortment of china and accessories:



My brooches are more than worth the cost, and I’d highly suggest the shop for any fellow bookworms (she also has a whole slew of Wizard of Oz themed brooches) or kitsch, vintage, and novelty lovers out there!


Miss Lark Bahar


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