A Very Potter Birthday Celebration


If you’re familiar with my antics, you’ll know that my bff and I are all about themed nights and movie marathons, so when two of our not-so-local friends expressed an interest in a Harry Potter marathon, we quickly worked on making it happen. We decided on making it a birthday get together for yours truly and marked the calendar for February.

Preparations for the marathon went as usual: LOTS of Amazon Prime purchases and food planning. Once Amanda (a San Diegan Hufflepuff who played to her Gryffindor side for the photos), and Stephanie (a Long Islander Slytherin) arrived in Tucson, we set to spending an inordinate amount of time and money preparing our feast.

From good ol’ fashioned roasts to pumpkin pasties, we made our Hogwarts food dreams come true and naturally made far too much for four gals to consume in four days. It was almost more of a cooking marathon than it was a Harry Potter watching marathon! But we managed to squeeze a movie in here and there. Riddled with plenty of loving mockery and commentary, of course. In the midst of all that movie watching and food preparation, we also managed to find time for some playful photos.


Being the resident Ravenclaw, I was excited to FINALLY get to wear the cobalt blue satin 1950s trousers my roomie gifted me for Christmas for the perfect Ravenclaw outfit. I paired them with a 1940s blouse I used for my first Ravenclaw-inspired outfit to create something a bit more sophisticated this time around. I sure didn’t look like a Hogwarts student, but perhaps more of a graduated Ravenclaw visiting visiting MACUSA? At least I matched platform 9 3/4! Either way, now the only problem is I’m out of new Ravenclaw outfits! Guess I just have to acquire more pieces – and perhaps branch out further into the silver and blue look of the movies. Bronze is such a hard find.

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Lauren, the resident Hufflepuff, whipped out her Hufflepuff dress and paired it with one of my favorite 1940s hats and her first pair of stockings from What Katie Did. It was fun getting to watch someone else pose with stockings and give suggestions since I’m the only one I know who wears them.

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Amanda, our visiting Hufflepuff-turned-Gryffindor for the night stepped outside the box and donned a pirate look befitting her adopted house. She really feels more like a Gryffindor to me anyway….That’ll be…Gryffinpuff!

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Stephanie, our visiting Slytherin (who’s Slytherin through and through), was decked out in my favorite outfit of the evening, and showed off her love for the Holyhead Harpies with the pin I lent her – the perfect addition to the ensemble.

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Of course, we had to make time for some friendly house duels…all in good fun.



And it being my birthday, Lauren surprised me with Harry’s cake! A delicious concoction, butt print and all.


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 9.13.09 AM


After our quick photos, we hastily reverted back to our natural states – dressed in pajamas, chowing down on food while watching movies.

I should mention that although that corner of our apartment is permanently Harry Potter-ed up, we did make a few new acquisitions to up our Harry Potter game, the best of which was the Platform 9 3/4 shower curtain we used as a backdrop. (Again, thank you, Amazon Prime!) We also added a mini Hedwig, the Hogwarts banner, a crystal ball, and a few other details to help the mood – a few props that went unused due to the limited time we had for photos. Luckily, I anticipate plenty more marathons and “photoshoots” where our Marauders map and other such oddities will come in handy, hopefully with just as many friends by my side.

Have you had a Harry Potter themed party? Tell me how you did it! I’m always on the lookout for more ideas. But until next time…I leave you with a photo of our Albus Fiyero Dumbledore!



Miss Lark Bahar

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