The Bésame Cosmetics Series: A 1940s Makeover


It’s been almost a YEAR since my first Bésame Cosmetics video where I made my little sister over in a classic 1950s style (head here to catch the video), so I figured, it’s about time to post the next one! If you follow me and have (somehow) escaped my love for the brand and don’t know anything about them, Bésame Cosmetics is a makeup company that specializes in recreating vintage formulas and colors from the 1920s-1970s. As a vintage lover, this is obviously something that appeals to me greatly. There’s nothing like applying cake mascara or cream rouge in front of your 1940s vanity to make a morning routine feel…right.

Since I wanted to use a variety of models for this series, I had my best friend sit for me for this one. For her heavy, stick straight hair, I opted for a new setting pattern from one of my 1940s hair styling books (which worked more or less successfully – more on this later), and then sat her down to do her up!

Here are some tips and tricks to help get the 1940s looks:

  1. Rule number one is there was no one way to do things. The tips mentioned below are simply 1940s-specific suggestions I’ve found through research (old commercials, magazines, etc.) that are a bit more unique.
  2. Choose a foundation a half a shade darker than what you would normally go with.
  3. Contouring WAS a thing! At least for the more glamorous. So take that darker shade and accentuate your jawline, cheeks, and nose all you want.
  4. Apply blush in three dots before blending out – under the pupil, by the cheekbone, and lower on the cheek. This results in the most universally flattering method, but there are also plenty of 1940s blush application diagrams showing different ways to apply based on face shape.
  5. Use plenty of powder (usually loose) to seal your makeup and give your face the right finish.
  6. Avoid strong cat-eye makeup. While a slight flick was often used – particularly for the film noir sort of look, it was nothing like the heavy dark line often seen in the 50s on.
  7. After applying mascara, while its still wet, press up lightly with a finger against your lashes to get them to curl without an eyelash curler.
  8. Match your eyeshadow to your eye color, and for night time, add a little gold or silver to amp up the look ’40s style.

Products Used in the Video:

Cashmere Foundation Stick in Bisque

Cashmere Foundation Stick in Medium Beige

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Storybook Palette: No longer being sold

Shadow Brush

Mascara Brush Set

1920 Brown Cake Mascara

1940 Cream Mascara

1938 Crimson Cream Rouge

Ever Translucent Pearl Powder

1941 Victory Red Lipstick

Travel Lip Brush

Hope you enjoy!


Miss Lark Bahar

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