The Re-Launch of Miss Lark Bahar


Welcome one and all!

It has been approximately HALF a year since I posted on my blog! Lots of changes have been happening in my life and without realizing it, my blog fell by the wayside. Since I work full time now in a position that doesn’t allow me to wear anything but black, white, and the odd pop of magenta or orange, it was difficult to find the energy to get dressed up just for a blog post on my days off, not to mention juggling setting my hair for images since my weekly set usually happens on said day off; however, I miss you all terribly and with nothing to look forward to vacation-wise since I’m now officially in “save up for beauty school mode,” I figure re-launching my blog might give me a little something to plan out.

With that said, first, let me send out a request for requests! Feel free to comment here or on my Instagram if you would like to see anything specific from my blog or my youtube channel as (per New Years Resolution,) they’re both back, baby! I have a brand new how-to-wet-set a baby midi haircut video coming next week, a blog review of a darling new brand, and a few other things on the schedule, but would love to hear from YOU.  Any questions you’ve always wanted to shoot my way? Hair styles you’d like to see replicated? It’s your call!

In the words of Frasier Crane, I’m listening.

Until next time,

Miss Lark Bahar

Lady K Loves Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hello friends!

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for awhile, you’ve no doubt seen my post reviewing (and gushing) over some gorgeous items from Lady K Loves. As still some of my favorite items (can’t wait for spring time when I can bring out the playsuit again!), I jumped at the chance to review items from the wonderful new collection, and to spread the love by bringing YOU all a giveaway of your own!

I first started to hear word of Lady K Loves when pinup after pinup started posting themselves donning the marvelous jeans featured on the site, so was so happy to see that the new collection featured more trousers as well as a wide array of new tops perfect for the fall and holiday seasons.

My own little package of items to review included the May Trousers in Grey Abstract, the Becki Top in Mustard, and the Jess Top in Mustard. As someone who doesn’t have any mustard in her wardrobe (or come to think of it, any pants!), I was happy to expand my collection with these new items, and bring you all a review.

While the Becki and the Jess come in the exact shade of mustard and the same type of material, their cuts make them incredibly different tops. The Becki, with its bat wings and black trim, is friendlier for a colder climate due to the heaviness of a trim that stops the cold from seeping in. The neck is very tight, but only noticeably so when trying to get it on (my advice: just be sure to put it on BEFORE you style your hair and put your lipstick on, and you’re good to go). The arms and waist are comfortably loose, and there was plenty of room to accommodate my 36″ bust through the chest area.

The Jess, on the other hand, is so lightweight overall that it could be worn throughout the seasons with various levels of layering. While I avoid sleeves in the summer time here, this material seems thin enough to make it wearable even in 120º weather. Just as with the Becki, the arms and waist of this are comfortably loose, and while I generally prefer a really tight waist, the casual appearance of this top particularly lends itself to the relaxed fit, and it’s nice having an option that’s not holding me in at my smallest all day long.

While the lightweight nature of the mustard material is a HUGE bonus for someone who lives in my climate, I did notice that these tops both show absolutely everything. This became a problem in the sense that I can’t really wear most of my vintage or repro bullet bras because the stitching shows through the top. A simple modern bra solves the problem, however, and I’m now on the lookout for a bullet bra with hidden seaming. After all, these are both great cuts to get that marvelously casual “sweater girl” look that I’m so fond of.


The May pants, my first pair of trousers in over a year since I sold my last pair, have been a relieving addition to my wardrobe in so many ways. First, because it’s nice being able to throw on an outfit without shaving, second, because these are as comfortable as leggings, and third, because they’re a marvelous neutral with just enough detail to make them an interesting piece. I was a bit worried about sizing as I clock in at 24″ in the waist, 38″ in the hip, and about 23″ around for each leg. The sizing on the site lists the XS as measuring 25,” 35,” but having experience with Lady K Loves’ AMAZING Emma Playsuit that fit me like a glove and had the same sizing suggestion, I was pleased when I was told that there’s plenty of stretch in the trousers. Upon receiving my package, my first move was to try to test how stretchy these trousers are, and from rest, they could stretch several additional inches. Because of this, they could without a doubt fit a wide range of sizes easily. The waist clocked in large for me, particularly with the stretch, and would probably be a better fit for a waist size of 26″-27″ inches. I had to pin it so it fit me properly, so if possible, I would personally size down if you’re worried about the waist being too large. These have enough stretch that it wouldn’t be a risky move. Once pinned, however, they had the comfiest fit and I could sit in all myriad of positions without worrying about cutting off circulation, and they retained their shape, keeping enough looseness for that vintage feel, while remaining form-fitting.

By the time I could shoot photos for you guys, these pants were on their fourth wear! And as you can see, they’re in perfect condition. Here I am pairing them with the Becki top:


And here they are in action with the Jess top!


If you’d like to get your own May Trouser, Becki Top, or Jess Top, you can now enter my giveaway for a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher with Lady K Loves! The winner will be chosen on the second of January at midnight, PST, and you can enter here on my blog via the link below, and/or head over to my Instagram for instructions on how to enter there. Good luck, everyone!


Lady K Loves Giveaway

They’re also having an end of the year sale that includes reductions on a whole slew of items, so head on over if anything strikes your fancy:


Happy holidays!

Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: My New Icon – Artwork by Christine Geasey

From the moment I started contemplating creating a blog, I KNEW that I wanted to have an illustrated version of myself as my icon. I contemplated several options, but when Christine (also known as Miss Chris) offered her services to me when I first began posting on Facebook about the possible creation of a blog, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! As an avid fan of her artwork already, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a fellow vintage lover already familiar with my style who so obviously knows what she’s doing and understands the aesthetic.

Her work generally focuses on burlesque dancers, vampy dames, and Disney characters when she’s not working on commissions for other bloggers, and the above are some of my favorites. I adore her use of color and appreciate that she very obviously has a clear, recognizable style to her work – something that drew me in the moment I saw one of her pieces.

With my own piece, we bandied a few ideas back and forth before I finally settled on a specific painting whose composition seemed easy to fit into social media icons. This gorgeous Elvgren piece served as the inspiration and jumping-off point:


As we were both in the throes of schoolwork with the impending end of the semester, I decided to avoid my responsibilities (as one does) by sketching up an idea for what I wanted. I took the original position/general idea, and incorporated everything I wanted to add/alter – Meg’s flower, a Disneybound version of Belle’s look, a book, a Mickey brooch, and a Turkish tile umbrella.


A few weeks later, when we’d both finished our semesters and had a bit of a breather, Christine started sending me progress photos of my piece and regularly checking in to make sure I liked what was happening. While most artwork has awkward stages where the incompleteness renders the whole thing a bit awkward, I can honestly say that I never had that moment as Christine sent me updates. From pencil to paint, her work was truly beautiful start to finish and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my commission!


I adore every single detail and can’t really think of a way something could feel more “me.” I’m so glad Christine offered me her services and am excited to know that she’s branching out and starting to make headpieces as well! Wearable artwork is one of my favorite things.


If you would like to commission your own masterpiece or if you just want to see beautiful works of art on your feed, you can head to the below links to find her:


Art Instagram

Personal Instagram



Miss Lark Bahar

Winners of Pt. 2 of my 10K Giveaway!

At the beginning of this month, I decided to host a fun little giveaway for my followers in celebration of hitting 10K (now 12.5K!!!) followers on Instagram.

So today’s the day to announce my three prize winners!

The lucky dame who won this gorgeous selection of hair accessories from Belle Blossoms is the ever-lovely Paola from! I’m excited to see how you style everything!


The lucky dame who won this wonderful blouse from My Premier Amour is! Don’t forget to check your email for instructions on getting your top 💖


And our final prize winner is! Check your email for instructions on getting your custom skirt from Vance Clothing arranged and ready to go 💕


Thank you to all who entered! I look forward to many more giveaways, and can’t wait to see how you winners style your prizes!



Miss Lark Bahar

My 10K Giveaway, Pt. 2: Custom Hand-painted Skirt from Vance Clothing, Belle Blossoms Hair Accessories, and My Premier Amour Custom Blouse

Hello friends and followers!

As I’m sure many of you have seen on my Instagram, I recently hit 10K followers! 🎉🎈💥

d782ba3a-252d-439c-b585-9f0ef0c8de50 (1)

This is something that I had never imagined was a possibility! After all, it wasn’t THAT long ago that I was reeling over hitting just 1K. I’m so appreciative to all of my followers, old and new, and particularly appreciative of all those friends who stuck by my Instagram even when I started flooding it with photos of my vintage clothing.

Having seen this impending momentous occasion, I wanted to give a little something back to everyone, so sent out a call asking shops to collaborate with me. I was so pleasantly surprised at the wide range and quantity of responses, that I decided to split my giveaway into two parts, accessories, and bigger ticket items!

For this portion of my giveaway, 3 separate winners will be chosen for my three separate prizes. Here’s a break down of all three items and the contest widgets where you can enter. The contest ends June 12th – same date as the corresponding Instagram portion of my giveaway.

Prize 1:

The first item on my list is perhaps my favorite of the donated items as the possibilities are endless! Although I had known Miss Lillian Vance previously, it was upon seeing her photographs with Miss Victory Violet in Disneyland that I realized she is one of those talented people who can hand-make and hand-paint skirts! I immediately contacted her asking if we could work something out, and I am officially in her queue to get a skirt painted with Meg’s “Won’t Say I’m in Love” scene in Hercules.

I’m thrilled to announce that she’s also offering up a skirt for my contest! The skirt can be of cotton or felt material (your choice), and she’ll paint one image on it of your choice, as well. This is such a huge prize, and I’m so happy to give you all a chance to win one of her gorgeous works of art.

(A note, since this is a custom item, it’ll be at least a month before you receive it so Vance Clothing has time to discuss options with you, then sew and hand-paint it.)


Enter Vance Clothing Custom Skirt Giveaway


Prize 2: The second item on my list is a selection of hair accessories from Belle Blossoms, one of my all-time favorite hair flower designers out there, and my go-to shop for hair snoods and the holy grail brand of hair combs, Grip-Tuth. Though I haven’t been using flowers lately as the selection I had reached an untimely demise over the past year, I’m eagerly awaiting some hair flowers from Belle Blossoms myself and was so happy when she agreed to donate items for the giveaway.  She created a hair flower she calls “Erica’s Irish Wedding Clip” for my giveaway as well as sending along a white snood and a white scarf, perfect for wedding or daily wear in the hot summer time (pictured below)!

Enter Belle Blossoms’ Hair Accessory Giveaway


Prize 3:

If you saw my last post on my blog, you’ve seen my review of my custom My Premier Amour Charm & Eloquence blouse made for me with the gorgeous Paris print.


The final item in the blog portion of my giveaway is this same blouse in an adorably kitschy cat print customized to your size! Perfect for warmer or cooler weather, and to add that little extra bit of interest into your wardrobe with the peplum cut (pictured below).

(Note: Since this item is also made just for the winner, it will take around 2 weeks to get the top made from the time the winner is chosen.)

My Premier Amour’s Charm & Eloquence Blouse Giveaway

If smaller accessories float your boat, you can also head over to my Instagram for Part 1 of my giveaway and the chance to win all of these adorable items:


All you have to do is repost this image with the hashtag #misslarkbahar10kgiveaway on Instagram and follow the involved shops in the loop. For further details, head on over to my post about it.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for sticking around!


Miss Lark Bahar

Tuesday Tutorials: DIY Shaped Pin & Brooch Boards


With my brooch and pin collection growing at a fast rate, I have been constantly on the lookout for a good way to keep them together in a way that I could see them all and make the best choice possible when choosing my accessories every day. For about a year now, I’ve used a temporary storage method I threw together composed of a hard three ring binder and pieces of felt. Lately, the felt has been ripping and the pages becoming harder and harder to quickly shuffle through as brooches are added to my collection, so I knew I finally had to take the plunge and try to make my own brooch board.

Several tutorials already exist on making simple, square brooch boards, and the general concept is the same as the more complicated version I have tried to execute. A slight disclaimer – I am not in the least bit crafty. Artsy? Sure. Crafty? Most definitely not. Unfortunately, I also don’t like to limit myself to the “easy” solution. While I did create a simple brooch board for my vintage and non-Disney pins at the same time as these by following tutorials like Junebugs and Georgia Peaches’, and Betties N Brimstone’s, I wanted a little something more to adorn my walls when it came to my Disney collection. As mentioned, I have absolutely no experience crafting, so was learning as I went along, but figured if I can do it, anyone can! I plan to make a set with Ariel and Eric when I have need of more space, and know that I can create more precise lines next time now that I know what I’m doing.

So without further ado, here’s how to make yourself a shaped brooch board!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. Some sort of material to cover the finished product (I opted for black felt to provide my pins with a softer surface, and to show them off with the greatest contrast.
  2. Thin, low-loft batting
  3. Cork board (I needed a sizable amount of cork board for the three separate brooch boards I was planning to make, so was quite restricted in my selection. Michael’s didn’t have anything large enough or affordable, so I went to Home Depot and purchased some “cork board” that I’m pretty confident is just particle board with a thin layer of cork on top. YOU LIE, HOME DEPOT, I know my cork board! I would definitely suggest finding a board that is 100% cork as it would make everything a LOT easier and it will be better for your pins in the long run.)
  4. Staple gun
  5. Hot glue + hot glue gun
  6. Scissors
  7. Silver sharpie (or something else that will show up on black felt to trace your images)
  8. Paper
  9. Pencil
  10. Jigsaw
  11. Picture hanger hooks – the kind that lays flat
  12. Hammer
  13. A helping hand (or two)!

When choosing a stencil, at least for your first attempts unless you’re an expert at operating a jigsaw, I would suggest selecting a simple design. While I would have loved to have full silhouettes, I knew this would be nearly impossible with all of the limbs sticking out everywhere (and not very conducive to maximum surface area), so I opted for the busts of my two favorite Disney characters: Belle and Prince Adam. I googled their silhouettes and quickly found one for Belle and realized that I would definitely need to create my own silhouette for Adam, so found an image of the scene where he’s holding Belle to draw inspiration from.

If you’re smart and think ahead enough (and have a pre-drawn version of what you want to use for your shape), go ahead and print it, cut it out, and boom! Stencil made. I naturally blanked on printing my images (despite the fact that I work in a copy shop), so had to free hand my silhouettes. I didn’t have large enough sketchbook paper, so drew my silhouettes on several sheets and just taped them together for use after cutting them out. All in all, while this took some unnecessary time, it was definitely the most fun (and most immediately successful) part of the process for me!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After cutting out my stencils, I went on to trace the stencils on my so-called cork board as well as the batting.

This is where it gets complicated and a few helping hands are very handy! Using your jigsaw, follow the lines and cut out your shapes on the cork board. At this point, I was only a witness for a small part of the proceedings as we’d come to realize we needed a new staple gun so I had to make a hasty trip to Walmart. Watching my roommate and my sister struggle with this step made me glad I had other things to do – and extremely appreciative! Despite the occasional gasps and “oh nos,”Belle and Adam were finally cut out and ready to go. I had known going into it, that much of the detail and angling would be lost, so was more than pleased with the final results!

At this point, it was dark out, and we’d been driving around and working for a long time, so I figured it would be better to finish the project the following day (despite my stubborn unwillingness to leave something like this incomplete).

The next day, I pulled all of my supplies back out and continued my work. First, I traced along the edges of my two silhouettes with hot glue to glue down the batting I had traced and cut out the previous day. A quick note, if you get a board like mine that only has cork on one side, be sure the cork side is facing up! I definitely tried to attach the batting to the back at one point. Whoops!

The next step is probably one of the most complicated in the process: applying the black felt to the top. I cut the black felt in a large circle around each silhouette in order to provide plenty of extra felt to wrap around and staple on the back of my shapes. I knew this was going to be tricky, and I was right. The facial details were particularly difficult and I barely managed any definition at all – but I did! I realized as I sat struggling with Belle’s face that I could use a combination of methods: I decided to wrap the felt around everywhere but the faces where I would use the stencils to cut out the silhouette exactly and hot glue their features down. It was a bit too late to salvage Belle, but Adam definitely fared better with this method. When stapling the black felt around the rest of their busts, I consistently cut slits whenever an angle appeared in order to work around the formation with as smooth an effect as possible so the felt was pulled as tight as possible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once that was done, I went in with my hot glue gun and glued down any areas where the felt was bulging or puckering out.


I had originally started this project with the intention of lining the sides with a black ribbon once the layers were added, but quickly found out that this looked a bit strange and cheap, so opted out of it. Instead, I opted for a simpler solution (if not an infallible one) to cover any of the wood showing along the sides – black sharpie!


Once this is all done the only step left is to attach your picture hanger hooks. (I did two on each, but this will change depending on the size of what you make.)


And then you’re ready to hang them…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and add your brooches!


Regretfully, I had to take down my Harvey poster to fit my new brooch boards, but definitely worth it! No more overflowing, clunky, awkward binder floating around my room. Instead, I have two of my favorite characters gracing my walls with a solid purpose! And I was amazed to find that I had more than enough space for the Disney pins and brooches I own (although I have five more on the way to me). Guess I need to acquire more 😉

Hope this learn-as-you-go step-by-step was helpful! This concept would work for a whole slew of shapes and designs as long as you take into account how much more difficult it is to work with small, curved details like lips and eyelashes.

Summary of Steps:

    1. Cut out stencil of desired shape
    2. Trace shape on cork board and batting, and cut them out
    3. Hot glue (or staple) batting to top of cork board
    4. Cut out large piece of felt with enough room to wrap around cork board figure everywhere except the face where there are small details and the felt should be cut to the exact shape of the stencil
    5. Carefully staple felt to cork board by cutting slits when needed to work around bends
    6. Hot glue the detail area down and hot glue anything along the sides that is sticking out
    7. Sharpie (or paint) any wood that’s showing along the sides
    8. Attach as many painting hooks as needed to the back
    9. Hang and attach pins
    10. Enjoy your work!




Miss Lark Bahar


Welcome, everyone!

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Welcome everyone! My name’s Lark (or Bahar, I go by both), and I’m a vintage loving gal whose life-long appreciation for 1930s-1960s musicals has led to a life fully immersed in old movies, photography, music, fashions, and hairstyles. I’m currently a graduate student pursuing my Masters at the University of Arizona, so perusing Etsy with a student budget in mind, I focus on creative ways to mix true vintage and modern reproduction as seamlessly and authentically as possible. I love experimenting with vintage hair styling and you’ll never find me with my hair unset. I’m constantly striving for an authentic 1940s-1950s look embellished with modern brands like Pinup Girl Clothing and Bernie Dexter, and am hoping to start sewing in the future in order to create my own skirts and dresses.

When I’m not climbing up the steep hill that is graduate school, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, dancing, singing, modeling, marathoning Disney movies or Harry Potter, or in Disneyland. My favorite films and TV Shows include anything Marx Brothers or Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, Singin’ in the Rain, Pride & Prejudice, Cheers, Turning Pointe, The Philadelphia Story, etc. (honestly, I could go on for hours about the things I’m obsessed with…so I’ll stop here.)

A few quick notes about myself: I spent the first ten years of my life living in Istanbul, Turkey, but currently reside in Tucson, Arizona. I’ve struggled with an extreme case of eczema my entire life that is currently (thankfully) in a relatively complacent stage, but it still influences my lifestyle. Aside from dancing, I can’t work out as breaking a sweat aggravates this condition (and yet I live in Arizona…….I know). I’m also a strong proponent of intersectional feminism and body positivity of all sorts, and I would like to keep this blog a safe and fun place for everyone where women build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

So glad to have you here! I’m excited to start sharing my experiences with you, and love sharing (and receiving) fashion tips, hair styling techniques, reviews, and general vintage appreciation!


Thank you for visiting! Come again,

Miss Lark Bahar


PS – Huge shout out to Steph for helping me format my blog! I’m not in the least bit savvy with this, so bear with me!