Spotlight Saturday: Lady K Loves Says Hug Me Baby


If you’ve been following my blog a decent amount of time, you’ll know that I’ve reviewed a whole slew of items in the past from the wonderful brand Lady K Loves (you can find the posts here and here), but this is the first time I’m venturing into the territory that Lady K Loves is famous for: jeans!

With my 24″-38″ waist and hip measurements, I’m definitely a gal who needs a jean cut for curves, and Lady K Loves’ Hug Me Baby style is specifically designed for dames with a 12+ difference between waist and hip. Jeans are something that I’d completely given up since committing to being all vintage all the time (with the exception of a pair of Vivien of Holloway capris), but my eye has been on the Hug Me Baby style as long as I’ve known the brand. So few brands cater to larger legs and hips, even in the repro world! And finding vintage that fits is certainly almost as difficult. Seeing gals like Diablo Rose rocking the Hug Me Babys gave me hope that perhaps…just perhaps, a jean that would fit my curves was out there.

#preach #hellyes #shutthefudgeup #respect @diablorose – ūüöę NO CATCALLING ZONE ūüöę Dear random ass guy stood outside the penny arcade at 10.45am on a Thursday spitting on the ground. You were on the phone and as I walked past you, you said "man… that's a fat ass" I don't know if you meant that as a compliment or insult but you have ZERO right to comment on my body, I have ZERO interest in whether you like it or not, and now I'm getting to point of ZERO tolerance for this catcalling bullshit. I get commented on all the time in the street and it is not okay, my body is not here for anyone else, it is not up for public discussion by idiotic guys in the street. So guys, just stop it! Urgh! Are you with me ladies?!! . . . PS Catcalls have no affect on my own body positivity, I actually love my figure! Especially in these jeans!! . #nocatcalling #nocatcallingzone #catcalling #mybody #mybodymyrules #beatitcreep . #Regrann

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Knowing I would be receiving¬†a pair of the Hug Me Babys to review, I was admittedly a bit nervous. While the playsuit I first reviewed fit PERFECTLY in the legs and hips, the May trousers that I reviewed were larger in the waist, so I was hoping that the measurements listed online were accurate. When they arrived in their package, I did the usual “hold up to guess whether it’ll fit” test, and quickly knew it would. I’ve gotten pretty good at judging waist sizes that’ll fit me with a glance, and the legs were obviously sizable enough to fit my 23″ thighs, so I felt immediate relief. When I actually tried them on, I had trouble getting them over my hips (as all clothes that fit my waist AND hips generally won’t fit over my hips easily). Luckily, the material of these pants is EXTREMELY sturdy. No lightweight denim here! So, I wasn’t in the least worried that anything would rip. They were certainly long on me, but these jeans are made to be cuffed (and also come in two lengths, 32″ and 36″), and otherwise, the fit was as if they were made for me!

I ended up taking photos in one of our (almost green) parks after going out to acquire donuts for an early Galentine’s Day with the bestie and my lil sis. Naturally, I went for pinks and reds in celebration.

The first batch of photos show me sitting in the jeans. Since they’re very high-waisted (in other words, fit for one’s natural waist instead of the high-rise pants modern clothing designers claim to be “high-waisted”), they do squeeze the waist when sitting…but I don’t see this as a problem. Everybody’s got skin, it’s just a side effect of high-quality, high-waisted jeans! So worth it. And most importantly, my legs NEVER felt squeezed, no matter what position I sat in.


The next batch, featuring my sister wandering around in the back, is a front view where you can see how long the rise is and exactly how much I had to cuff proportionally. I will note that I only rolled the pants up once instead of creating a prettier cuff, but there’s certainly enough material there to cut some off if desired. The cut of the leg is quite obviously perfect as it fits my proportions as if tailored for me, and they taper in at the end just enough to feel flattering AND vintage. As someone who lived in skinny jeans for many years, it was admittedly a bit odd at first, wearing denim that didn’t squeeze my ankles to death, but by the time I’d stepped out of the house, I’d acclimated to the aesthetic.


And the final angle, undeniably my favorite angle, is the back view. Not to toot my own horn, but…..DAMN they look good from the back! I can honestly say that I’ve never liked the way jeans have looked from the back on me. Ever. The Hug Me Babys are a true miracle jean!


Am I right, or am I right? Now I just need a pair of saddle shoes to pair with these babies!

As Lady K Loves’ jeans are so popular, most sizes are sold out in all three of their styles, the Hug Me Baby, the Classic, and the Le Wild ¬†(all designed for different body types so there’s something for everyone); however, they’re currently holding a fundraiser over on Kickstarter to bring their jeans back!

Already halfway past the goal they’re seeking¬†to hit in April, they have a variety of pledge options available,¬†with a nice range of prize packages (many of which include a preorder for the actual jeans). The largest prize package includes all of these items (and is available for the Hug Me Baby and Le Wilde styles):


If enough is raised, Lady K Loves plans on returning the Classic as well as introducing a new style called the Polly – designed exclusively for petite gals! As a company that so obviously works to cater to all body types (and is always actively working to expand their styles), AND¬†is focused on ethical production, it’s a great company to support.

If you’d like to donate to the kickstarter, you can head here:¬†

If you’d like to follow Lady K Loves on their social medias, you can follow these links:





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Spotlight Saturday: Retro Sunnies, Glamour in the Sun


As a gal who lives in the¬†Arizona desert, sunglasses are an accessory MUST¬†if you want to protect your gaze from the sun’s harsh rays. In the vintage reproduction community, brands exist that sell retro-inspired items¬†ranging from shoes to bras to make-up, but¬†no prominent brands revealed themselves whenever I went on the look-out for some sunnies. When Retro Sunnies contacted me through¬†Instagram¬†for a collaboration, I was completely surprised and excited to see a shop producing (and specializing in) something that often gets overlooked as a marketable¬†accessory in the repro world.

Scrolling through their Instagram, my interest was sparked as I absorbed a feed full of gorgeous midcentury gals showing off their sunglasses, and happy customers showing off their Retro Sunnies. While a whole slew of styles are available on their website, I naturally gravitated toward styles replicating the true vintage cat eye that’s surprisingly difficult to come by in modern sunnies, and¬†one of their statement sunnies.

The Vicky

The Vicky Sunnies, priced at $45 and available 4 color ways, had the roundest shape of the 3 I chose, but something about the flow of the band on top with the metal bar running parallel below gave a very butterfly-y, almost art deco-y feeling to them that immediately appealed.



As the highest priced sunnies I received (and one of the highest on the site,) it was interesting to feel the difference in quality from the lower priced Ava sunnies I received. While looks-wise, there is no perceptible difference in quality between the pricier sunnies and the cheaper ones, these felt much sturdier when wearing them. Luckily, Retro Sunnies provides a handy little measurement chart to ensure the glasses will fit before committing to the bill:

Lens Width: 60 mm
Bridge Width: 17 mm
Height: 46 mm
Temple Length: 132 mm

On my rounder, fuller face shape, these probably flattered me the most. The metal striping through towards the top helped give just enough of that cat eye feel that they fit into my wardrobe, while flattering me like modern, larger shapes tend to do. Plus, the detail, while simple, is absolutely stunning. Perfect for statement glasses that can double as a neutral staple.


The Maria

The Maria, clocking in at $35, is a bit cheaper than the Vicky, while retaining the same sturdiness and quality level. She is available in 3 colorways, but I opted for tortoiseshell to break up the black I generally lean toward. 



Unlike the other two sunnies I chose, these were the only ones featuring metal instead of plastic, and I generally tend to prefer this as I find they’re a bit more malleable and can be shaped to head size more because of it; however, like the Vicky, Retro Sunnies did provide the chart to double-check and make sure they’ll fit:

Lens Width: 51 mm
Bridge Width: 21 mm
Height: 48 mm
Temple Length: 132 mm

Shape-wise, these are a nice in between cat eye. These are definitely more angled with that lovely point on each side, but they’re large¬†enough that someone who’s not necessarily into dressing vintage or retro all the time could still wear them without seeming out of place.

The Ava

The Ava, which clocks in at $24 but is on sale for half off at the moment, is the most affordable pair of the three, but definitely my favorite. While available in only 2 colors on their website, I did notice scrolling through images of customers that they were once available in white as well as black and tortoiseshell. For these, I opted for black as the colors in my wardrobe match it best, and I knew these would be my new staples sunnies.



These sunnies are definitely my favorite, and for obvious reason. I tend to lean toward repro items that echo styles that have gone out of fashion or are simply harder to find easily. A truly thin cat eye pair of sunglasses is hard to come by unless shelling out the big bucks for a vintage pair (something I have never felt comfortable doing). The Ava perfectly satisfies this desire of mine with it’s slanted, long shape. Of the three, it’s¬†a style that will perhaps not flatter everyone’s face shape, but I find they actually accentuate the fact that my face is oval instead of making it rounder by hiding my cheeks.

With Retro Sunnies’ wide range of styles and prices, there’s definitely something for everyone! Whatever your wardrobe (or your features), they’re sure to have something that’ll fit into your look while flattering you. You can head to their sites here to take a look at other styles, and they’re currently holding an Instagram contest that’ll win you the chance to get a few pairs for yourself for free should you win!:




Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: Fox Paradox + Discount Code!

Spotlight Saturday is back! At least for now….busy busy weeks coming up for me as the end of my final semester as a student looms ever closer.

Today I wanted to showcase a little shop I found when perusing Etsy for Harry Potter brooches. When I stumbled upon FoxParadox‘s little digital storefront, I almost fell over with excitement at the featured items. While it was her Hermione brooch that led me to her shop originally…

…it was her amazing range of Studio Ghibli inspired brooches that made me hastily contact her for a collaboration. With Disney and Harry Potter making up the majority of themed brooches inspired by fandoms, I was amazed at how many wonderful, neglected films Laura, the owner of Fox Paradox, showcased. From Hiccup and Toothless to Princess Mononoke, Fox Paradox has a small, but perfectly curated and chosen range of items that look and feel sturdy.

When making my own choices, I decided on her Hermione piece, a character who will always be near and dear to me for obvious reasons, her Kiki’s Delivery Service piece, a film I used to watch over and over and over again in my youth, and her Frozen-inspired piece, a brooch whose clear and etched¬†detailing was incredibly appealing.

All of her jewelry is extremely affordable (the Kiki one clocking in at the highest price at only $16), and the detailing is absolutely more than worth Laura’s price points. Although she is based in France, shipping is only about $4 to the US, adding to the affordability (and you can scroll down for a code for free shipping!). When I received my three brooches in the mail, the Kiki arrived cracked from having traveled such a long distance – and the crack ran right across her throat in a rather macabre manner!


So I contacted Laura about my beheaded Kiki, and she immediately offered to send me another for free without making me return the cracked one. My next Kiki brooch arrived quickly, safe and sound, with additional packaging to keep her safe on the long journey.


With the complications of life, it took much longer than I would have liked to get these beauties on my blog, so I’m happy to finally¬†showcase some of the highest quality, prettiest brooches around. One of my favorite things about these brooches is that they’re round, making them easy to pair with any outfit, and the perfect items to match together on a large collar.


If you look above my (irritatingly cheap) bookshelf, you might even catch a glimpse of my little Harry Potter corner Рan appropriate setting for obvious reason. The two wooden laser-cut brooches (Kiki and Hermione) mirrored each other perfectly in this outfit, and being able to carry around two of my favorite heroines all day was an absolute pleasure.

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The Frozen-inspired laser-cut acrylic brooch, (which is only available as a necklace on her website now), unlike its wooden¬†sisters with their grainy feel,¬†gave a cleaner look to my outfit, and in retrospect, I probably wouldn’t pair it with this look as I feel it doesn’t do the brooch justice. The dress is just a bit too drab for such striking colors and lines.

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Because of the affordability of these items, I already have another order placed (can’t wait to add the My Neighbor Totoro brooch to my collection!), and with this special code, you can order some items of your own with free shipping worldwide that will expire¬†December 15th:¬†MISSLARKBAHAR.

If you’d like¬†to keep tabs on Laura and her wonderful shop (and I would certainly suggest you do, whether you’re on a budget or not!), you can find her on these sites:




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Spotlight Saturday: My New Icon – Artwork by Christine Geasey

From the moment I started contemplating creating a blog, I KNEW that I wanted to have an illustrated version of myself as my icon. I contemplated several options, but when Christine (also known as Miss Chris) offered her services to me when I first began posting on Facebook about the possible creation of a blog, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! As an avid fan of her artwork already, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a fellow vintage lover already familiar with my style who so obviously knows what she’s doing and understands the aesthetic.

That sparkle though! ūüėč #burlesque #showgirl #misschrisillustration #painting #acrylic #glitter

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Her work generally focuses on burlesque dancers, vampy dames, and¬†Disney characters when she’s not working on commissions for other bloggers, and the above are some of my favorites. I adore her use of color and appreciate that she very obviously has a clear, recognizable style to her work – something that drew me in the moment I saw one of her pieces.

With my own piece, we bandied a few ideas back and forth before I finally settled on a specific painting whose composition seemed easy to fit into social media icons. This gorgeous Elvgren piece served as the inspiration and jumping-off point:


As we were both in the throes of schoolwork with the impending end of the semester, I decided to avoid my responsibilities (as one does) by sketching up an idea for what I wanted. I took the original position/general idea, and incorporated everything I wanted to add/alter – Meg’s flower, a Disneybound version of Belle’s look, a book, a Mickey brooch, and a Turkish tile umbrella.


A few weeks later, when we’d both finished our semesters and had a bit of a breather, Christine started sending me progress photos of my piece and regularly checking in to make sure I liked what was happening. While most artwork has awkward stages where the incompleteness renders the whole thing a bit awkward, I can honestly say that I never had that moment as Christine sent me updates. From pencil to paint, her work was truly beautiful start to finish and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my commission!


I adore every single detail and can’t really think of a way something could feel more “me.” I’m so glad Christine offered me her services and am excited to know that she’s branching out and starting to make headpieces as well! Wearable artwork is one of my favorite things.


If you would like to commission your own masterpiece or if you just want to see beautiful works of art on your feed, you can head to the below links to find her:


Art Instagram

Personal Instagram



Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: Review of My Premier Amour’s Charm & Eloquence Blouse

Probably one of my favorite stylistic developments in the past year has been the peplum top. Whether cut to be worn as a peplum top, or a top I choose to wear over my skirts belted in a way to give the illusion of a peplum, they’re my favorite kind of top. I find that it adds variation to the oft-seen, common silhouette of the shirt tucked into the skirt/capris/shorts look¬†one finds in most vintage and pin-up scenes while still retaining the gorgeous waist-defining look we all love.

When Daniela from My Premier Amour contacted me about a certain upcoming collaboration and offered to send me an item to review on my blog as well, I was ecstatic to visit her site and find peplums for sale!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.18.57 PM.png

After giving my bust and waist measurements and a quick discussion on what fabric I would like to use based on her on-hand selection…


…and whether I wanted a cream¬†or black polka-dot mesh for the top, she quickly headed to the sewing room. In about 10 days, my blouse was shipped (though her website sites an average 2 week turnaround time as her items are generally custom)!

My top arrived quickly and softly packaged, with a cute little tag attached. Although I had been unsure whether the Paris print in pink would match the black mesh well enough (a decision I made solely because I’m a huge sucker for sheer black items), I was pleased to find it¬†actually ended up matching perfectly.



Since I knew I wasn’t planning on spending any time outside today aside from walking to and from the car (I went to see the new Jane Austen film Love & Friendship –¬†a brilliant satire – and grabbed dinner with my family and roommate), I decided to take my custom blouse out for its first outing. Though the sleeves are a very light mesh and so endurable in the Tucson heat for short periods of time, any kind of sleeve at all quickly results in feelings of discomfort in the heat here (the primary reason Le Bomb Shop’s Marilyn Tops get so much use in my summer wardrobe), so I knew I wanted to¬†stay safe and wear it when I’d be inside.

I decided to pair it with a deep¬†maroon vintage skirt and a breton hat of mine to play off of the “European” feel of the top and¬†to play up the Paris-themed print.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The top did run a bit larger than I had anticipated as I gave my exact measurements, but as I had already fully planned on wearing it with a belt, this didn’t prove to be much of a problem. It still looked great on and was super comfortable with stitching in the right places to accommodate my strapless longline bullet bra, and plenty of room in the arms to move around (a problem I often encounter), and plenty of room in the neck despite the high cut.

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I’m particularly fond of the fact that the fabric comes up high enough in the front to hide my vintage bullet bra (which is cut higher as they often are, so can’t be worn with many of my reproduction items), so I can wear this top without any kind of bra strap showing, creating a smooth line along the back and chest that’s usually broken up by some kind of line.

At just $32 a piece, these tops are extremely affordable custom options for the pin-up or vintage-lover on a budget who’s still looking for a well-constructed piece that will easily fit into one’s wardrobe while adding interest. I’m incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship!

(PS – ignore how uneven the hemline looks in the right photo, I’d just tugged it down too far and hadn’t noticed!)

Although these tops were my favorite, she has a whole slew of affordable designs that you can find on her website or Etsy, and she even popped in a little surprise gift!

You can find her/contact her via these social medias:

And if you like what you see, I’d definitely keep an eye on my blog ūüėČ


Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: Deer Arrow & Revere Folie Giveaway Winnings

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.15.05 PM

As an avid Instagram user, I am not one to shy away from Instagram contests when my favorite shops decide to host them. When Deer Arrow announced theirs last month with a choice between one of their new line of brooches and a pair of earrings from the amazing shop¬†Revere Folie, I knew I had to enter! Although I hadn’t heard of Revere Folie before the contest, the fact that Deer Arrow’s Eve Brooch was a part of the giveaway immediately cinched the deal (you might have caught my Loves & Desires of the Week where I featured Deer Arrow’s designs and particularly focused on the Eve).

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.41.32 PM

After immediately reposting, I quickly dove into Revere Folie’s Instagram and was absolutely astounded by the designs!¬†The gorgeous art-deco inspired designs quickly caught my eye with their gorgeous gold, silver, and black ultra-glam feel, and I knew that if I won, I would have a difficult time making a choice.

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Although I reposted the giveaway image many a time, I did not anticipate winning (as one rarely does with such large giveaways); needless to say, I was completely astounded as I sat in my broken-down car (which had only minutes ago started SMOKING before my very eyes), and saw that Deer Arrow had tagged me in the cutest video showing my reposted image being chosen! It was a hectic week in my life and this was the sole highlight of it.

As soon as I managed to make my way home and my phone was charged enough, I quelled¬†the little voice in my head making me question my Deer Arrow brooch choice (the blonde is just so gorgeous!), and quickly made my way to Revere Folie’s Etsy after confirming that I could choose any pair of earrings I wanted. As anticipated, it was a tough decision and I decided against the black and silver earrings I was originally drawn to, figuring they would disappear too much in my black hair, and opted instead for the gorgeous Bebe earrings after finding a photo of a lavender version on their Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.38.20 PM

I gave them my address and about a week later, the two items were on their way to me! As both shops are located outside of the US, I knew that the wait would be long and so forced myself to be patient.

A few days before the up-to-20 day shipping time was about to run out, I decided to double-check my address to make sure that I had given the correct one since it seemed odd that I hadn’t received them yet, and of course, my worries were proven correct. I had given a slightly incorrect address. To my great surprise and joy, I checked the mail this past week and there was the package!!! Waiting for me in all its solidly packaged glory. I quickly contacted Deer Arrow to assure them that I had received my items after all and then opened the package.

The two items inside were absolutely stunning and obviously of very high quality!

What caught my eye immediately after taking in the general beauty of the items, was the lovely way the Deer Arrow Eve brooch let the light shine through along details when held up to the light.


I quickly planned my outfits around these accessories, first pairing the Revere Folie Bebe earrings with my favorite 1950s handmade dress and my silver and white straw 1950s hat, and quickly noticed how wonderfully light-weight the earrings were! Perfect for someone with extremely sensitive ears.


….and then¬†I created¬†an outfit where I could show off both items!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although the light wasn’t cooperating anywhere my roommate photographer and I¬†tried to take photos, we ended up with a few close-ups that showed off the two beautiful items!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And as it seemed when I first saw the brooch online, the Eve brooch is essentially a pale version of me!  Down to the black hair, cocked brow, green eyes, and accentuated mole.

I am so ecstatic about having won this giveaway still and can’t thank Deer Arrow and Revere Folie enough! I will definitely be back for more and already have my eye on a few items that I now know are DEFINITELY worth the international shipping for.

If you’re interested in high-quality, intricately beautiful brooches, and light-weight, gorgeously glamorous earrings, I would definitely take a peek at Deer Arrow and Revere Folie‘s shops! And if you’ve been hesitating….stop hesitating and take the plunge! These items are so worth the cost, even if you’re an international customer.


Miss Lark Bahar


Spotlight Saturday: Lil Sweetums Bowtique Brooches


I recently had the pleasure of working with LilSweetumsBowtique, a cute little Etsy shop that specializes in custom and handmade accessories, to receive a handful of brooches of my own.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.50.28 PM

I found this Etsy shop when I was perusing Etsy for Disney brooches (as I often do), specifically looking for the retro “D” brooches that are so popular nowadays. As a Disney aficionado, I knew that I needed at least one of these classic designs in my brooch collection and was ecstatic to find LilSweetumsBowtique with her¬†enormous range of colors and glittery fun!

And, to top it off, she had a cute variety of Mickey-inspired and poison apple brooches, and a nice variety of other items from various fandoms.

With her highest-priced single item clocking in at $12, her items are extremely affordable and worth every penny! I received five brooches myself, but already have my eye on the little mermaid Mickey head, the Harry Potter pin, and would love to add a green, purple, and red “D” brooch to my collection. When choosing my five, I opted for 3 of the retro “D” brooches, an Ursula-themed Mickey head, and a poisoned apple in the most gorgeous shade of light blue with white.


Glittery White Retro “D” Brooch


Ursula-Inspired Mickey Mouse Brooch


Glittery Royal Blue Retro “D” Brooch with Silver Mickey Embellishment


Mini Poison Apple Brooch in Light Blue & White


Dole Whip Inspired Retro “D” Brooch


And they all came in this adorable little box!

I’m completely smitten with my items and received them well within her 5 day turnaround time,¬†and I couldn’t wait to¬†add them to my new DIY brooch boards¬†I created last week!


Check out her Etsy shop for more items, and don’t forget to follow her Instagram to see sneak peeks of up and coming brooches! She has so much to offer.


Miss Lark Bahar



SPOTLIGHT SATURDAY: An Ode to Malco Modes’ Cosette Petticoat!

This week, I wanted to dedicate my Spotlight Saturday post to a company that’s often spoken of as the primary source for petticoats and crinolines for¬†the vintage and pinup community. I’m going to add my voice to the dialogue and gush about my personal Malco Modes wardrobe staple – the gorgeous, 30-yard chiffon beauty that is the Cosette petticoat pictured below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 5.30.18 PM

Although I knew 1950s women’s clothing was often worn with slips and petticoats, I¬†was wary of the costume-y look, anticipating comments thrown in my direction for what I wanted to be my daily style. However, when I got my first¬†Pinup Girl Clothing order with their Lavender Deadly Dames Capris and Lavender Birdie Dress, I knew I wanted a little more oomph for the weight¬†of the fabrics produced by the company I hoped to fill my closet with. After much sleuthing and checking out fellow PUG enthusiasts like Miss Victory Violet and Miss Amy May, I realized that the range of petticoats and crinolines offered by Malco Modes was unbeatable and that was the route I had to go.

I spent ages perusing their site and others’, temporarily toying with the idea of starting with cheaper petticoats, but knew that my skin couldn’t handle the itchiness of a crinoline with its stiff, scratchy netting against my¬†sensitive skin, so narrowed my down to chiffon options. I was unsure about the amount of petticoat I wanted but I did¬†know that I didn’t want that dreaded fall-off at the end of a petticoat when skirt and petti don’t quite match up, that¬†I preferred a gentle slope out with more of a bell-shape if anything¬†instead of a drastic flare, and that¬†I wanted the extra oomph without breaking up the natural line of my Birdie dress and similar wardrobe items.

I ended up with the white Cosette, assuming it would be too long as the stock images¬†show the petti hardly hitting above the model’s ankle, but knowing it might be the best amount of fullness for everyday-wear, and their black Jennifer, a shorter petti composed of 40 yards of soft¬†chiffon with ruffled trim along the bottom for fancier days. The difference between the two is quite apparent.

I was stunned by the quality of the petticoats when I first received them (and by how minuscule they were able to make them for shipping purposes), and immediately tried them on under my Birdie dress. The Cosette surprisingly fit perfectly – didn’t peak out at the bottom, didn’t create any sort of dent, and made a soft difference so the skirt of the heavy dress didn’t hang in quite such a damp way. It made my silhouette more authentically 1950s immediately without a hint of the costume-y look. And since the length is adjustable, I was able to shorten it plenty when needed!

With the Cosette in its longest state, I find that gathered skirts that have a smaller sweep, and longer circle skirts work best:

With the waistband moved down one level to shorten it, I find it works with any kind of gathered skirt (long or short) like The Oblong Box Shop’s skirts, as well as shorter circle skirts like on Pinup Girl Clothing’s Heidi dresses:

Then I tried on the Jennifer. This petticoat fit much less easily under my Birdie. While the length was perfectly fine without any kind of fall-off, the drastic bell shape of the skirt from the ruffles sat strangely beneath the gathered skirt. Although the Jennifer looked infinitely more impressive when twirling and swinging around my dress (and boy was it fun to walk around in!) than the Cosette, the Jennifer sat rolled up in my closet for ages as the Cosette began to get daily use.

I ended up selling my Jennifer for money reasons without ever having worn it out (though many pinup gals prefer this petti, so photos are simple to find online!), but then eventually made the purchase of a second Cosette petticoat to layer over the one I already own in order to give myself more volume without having the fluffy trim. My original Cosette petti is now permanently kept shortened on the second setting and goes beneath my newer one for most of my Pinup Girl Clothing items and some of my vintage. Layering them like this helps keep the smooth line while getting that extra oomph.

I wear this combination with all of my Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts and any other heavy skirt, vintage or reproduction, as they can handle that extra sweep and do so happily:

Although I love my two Cosettes, I’m still looking for something that gives me as much sweep as the original Jennifer petticoat without the awkward shaping. I’m hoping to try their Samantha style sometime in the future in hopes that perhaps the longer length might fix the problems I had with the Jennifer, but this style still has the puffy trim along the bottom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.51.09 PM

Have any of you tried the Samantha? What are your petticoat go-tos?


Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: An Ode to Disney Pins!

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Welcome to Spotlight Saturday!

These are the posts where I’ll be highlighting¬†specific products, brands, beauty tools, styles – really, anything that catches my fancy and I find myself accumulating!

As many who already follow me on other social media platforms know, I’m a huge Disney fan and try to visit Disneyland as often as my pocketbook will allow me to. This love extends to Disney merchandise of all sorts, but specifically, I find it near impossible to refuse a finely crafted mug (being an avid collector of mugs in general)…and well…pins! I can honestly chalk up my love for brooches to the first time my sister came back from¬†Disneyland with two Mickey Mouse pins as gifts for me, and I haven’t turned back since. My collection is only slowly growing and I can’t say that I’ve ever dropped much money on a single pin (though I have about a thousand of Belle in her provincial gown saved on eBay JUST in case…), but these pins serve as a crucial part of my wardrobe. I do have to be aware of certain materials that the push-pin backs won’t stay in on, and frustratingly enough, ¬†they don’t photograph well at all, but they’re the perfect way to work a little Disney into my daily life no matter where I’m going.

As these pins don’t close like normal brooches, I’ve been struggling to find a way to display them properly, but I believe I’ve finally found a solution – a craft project I plan to share with all of you as soon as I acquire the means to create it!

Above is¬†my current collection of pins, below are some pins I’ve been lusting after (none of these photos are mine – all from eBay!). Let me know if you have a favorite Disney pin you own or one you’ve been desperately in search of!


Miss Lark Bahar

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