Loves & Desires of the Week: Deer Arrow Brooches

Hello everyone!

This is the space where I’ll be sharing any range of items, styles, brands, etc. that I’ve fallen in love with that I would love to see in my own wardrobe.

Today’s Love & Desire is Deer Arrow brooches!  They began with a simple set of retro wooden brooches and it seemed like everyone was touting their iconic milkshake brooches. I’ve watched as they’ve expanded and grown, and now their line of wooden and acrylic brooches feature designs ranging from their original classic retro designs to Disney-inspired brooches. There’s something for all brooch wearers and they’re constantly adding new pieces – but hurry! They sell out fast.

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These past few days, Deer Arrow’s dropped a line of brooches inspired by vintage Barbie dolls and classic actresses that’s immediately bumped Deer Arrow brooches to the top of my want list. The brunette-inspired Barbie brooch, called Eve, particularly caught my eye as – aside from the porcelain complexion – she could be my twin! Eye color, hair color and style, mole, and everything. And in a cinch, she could double as a Liz Taylor.

I mean look at that…thrown on a diamond necklace, and we’re twinzies, right?

While the Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn brooches seem to have sold out as quickly as they were put on the site (a common occurrence on Deer Arrow since their items are so lust-worthy), the brunette and blonde Barbie brooches are still available for AU$35.00.

I’ve been lusting after their pieces for ages now and hope to one day take the plunge to add a few Deer Arrow brooches to my collection. Although Deer Arrow is an Australian company, they have a list of stockists on their site that include companies like Pinup Girl Clothing and Vintage Pip.

Here’s a selection of my personal favorites that I would love to one day add to my collection!


Miss Lark Bahar