Weekly Outfit Roundup: (03/20/2017-03/26/2017)


Hello all!

So much has happened since my last post. I’ve been feeling out a variety of jobs ranging from a full-time position at a call center to a part time position working for Ulta as I try to balance my interests with the need to make a living, leaving me little time for my blog. I’m hoping this hectic time in my life will soon straighten itself out so I can really plunge back into my blog and commit to it like I was able to when a student.

That said, as I’ve wholeheartedly committed to my position with Ulta, my wardrobe is going to be undergoing a bit of a change. With a wardrobe that must be black (or black and white) for the role, I’m hoping to switch my wardrobe to one with a more 1940s focus so I can properly play up the colorful accessories – aka hats – I plan to don for my shifts. While I’ll wear my normal, colorful garb on off days, you can bet that I’m using this opportunity as a little push to start truly experimenting with ’40s hair and fashions as I’ve been debating doing for ages. I’m almost as excited for this as I am for the actual job!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my last week of full, slap-you-in-the-face, brightly colored wardrobe images.



Miss Lark Bahar


Tuesday’s Look

This was the day I decided to quit my full-time position in order to join the Ulta team, and wanted to go out with a bang in one of my favorite outfits that includes Vance Clothing’s marvelous hand-painted Hercules skirt she made for me.


Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Noir Red
Holly’s Hoop Earrings in Purple Glitter: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Purple Striped Top with Scarf: Etsy shop MissSarahBelle
Purple Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Hand-Painted Custom Hercules Skirt: Vance Clothing
Purple Heels with Gold Embellishment: Thrifted

Wednesday’s Look

I realized upon accepting the Ulta position that I have…very little plain black in my wardrobe, so my roomie and I quickly went thrifting downtown to look for clothes for me to wear. Walking around outside naturally meant bringing out the summer clothes for our warm weather. I was honestly surprised I still fit into this set, considering my weight gain the last few months. Thank goodness I did! One of my favorite looks. Casual ’50s is so underrated in the vintage and pinup community these days, if you ask me.


Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Wild Orchid
Peter Rabbit Brooch: Etsy shop LaviniasTeaParty
1950s Top & Shorts: Thrifted
Olive Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Yellow, Green, & Light Brown Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Brown Straw Purse: Thrifted
Green, Blue, & White Heels: Nine West

Saturday’s Look

I volunteered to help a local shop vend at our local Street Fair, so once again, had to prepare for lots of heat and sweat. I certainly stood out in a shop that primarily sells black clothes! But I’ve been DYING to wear this custom made dress since I received it months ago and couldn’t pass up the opportunity…particularly knowing my upcoming wardrobe color restrictions.


Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Red Velvet with just a touch of Cherry Red to darken the shade
Ebony Earrings in Pearlescent Dark Blue: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Black Horse Brooch: Gifted
Custom Penelope Dress: Etsy shop HeartsandFound
Black Olive Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Yellow, Green, & Light Brown Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Teal Bangle: Gifted
Cosette Petticoat (x1): Malco Modes
Black Heels with Gold Embellishment: Thrifted

Sunday’s Look

Another day with the Street Fair as my destination, so broke out my Marilyn tops “officially.”


Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Wild Orchid
Fuoco Nelle Vene Passion Hair Flower: Belle Blossoms
Hoop Earrings: Etsy shop ilovetobuildhoops
Red Marilyn Top: Le Bomb Shop
Custom Hand-Embroidered Esmeralda Brooch: Etsy shop 221Broderie
Jenny Skirt in Lavender Lips & Roses: Pinup Girl Clothing
Gold Bangle: Poshmark
Red Heels: Thrifted

WEEKLY OUTFIT ROUNDUP (02/06/2017-02/12/2017)


Although I was home applying to jobs most of the week, I still forced myself into a few outings to keep myself out of the laziness that comes from having to lie around at home the majority of the time. Luckily, I had an early Galentine’s Day celebration and a trip to the zoo to give me a reason for enjoying getting dressed.

Hope you enjoy this week’s looks!


Miss Lark Bahar


Friday’s Look

My best friend, lil sis, and I all celebrated Galentine’s Day together, so the outfit was naturally composed of hearts, reds, and pinks. I went with a casual look for my review of these FABULOUS jeans from Lady K Loves (which you can read here).


Red Scarf: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Retro Sunnies “Ava” sunglasses in black
Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ American Beauty
Pink Earrings: Etsy shop CRUZVINTAGE
Light Pink Cropped Peasant Top: Tatyana
Red & White Heart Brooch: Gifted
Red Bangle: Splendette
Hug Me Baby Jeans: Lady K Loves
Vintage Black Flats: Thrifted

Saturday’s Look

Yesterday’s look featured a rare combination, a summer top paired with a winter skirt. Since it’s generally either too hot or too cold here, I can rarely combine outfits, but since we decided to do some window shopping at a local downtown event, and the weather forecast featured the rare cloudy sky, I opted for a combo outfit to cover my bases. I was actually quite pleased with the color combination!


1950s Silver Straw Hat by Noreen’s Fashions: Etsy shop VeryOaklandVintage
Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Noir Red
Flapper Brooch: Gifted
Teal & Blue Catalina Top: Thrifted
Black Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Large Clear Starburst Bangle: Splendette
1950s Silver Purse: Etsy shop FromTheVanity
1940s Wool Skirt: Gifted
Black Seamed Tights: Transparenze brand from Amazon 
Clear Embellished Heels: Poshmark

Sunday’s Look

Decided to head to the zoo for the first time in at LEAST half a decade! Opted to wear my new-to-me vintage yellow top I found Saturday downtown by pairing it with a holiday skirt I won in a giveaway to make it less seasonal.


Holly’s Resin Hoop Earrings in Red Glitter: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics’ Besame Red
Jiminy Cricket Brooch: Disney pin
1950s Yellow Western Top: Thrifted
Yellow, Green, & Light Brown Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Red Bangle: Splendette
Red Grommet Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Holiday Harlequin Skirt: Custom from Etsy shop VioletsinMay1945
Cosette Petticoat (x2): Malco Modes
Gold Flats: Poshmark


Spectrespects, Esmeralda, and Pineapples: 221 Broderie Accessories + Discount Code

My quest for small shops to feature has led me to find many a talented artists and creators, but the shop I’m bringing to you offers accessories featuring the themes I love with a more unusual twist. Instead of the wood, acrylic, or plastic materials all of my other handmade brooches showcase, 221 Broderie offers accessories and artwork that uses embroidery. I absolutely loved the look of her minimalist character designs…

…but the design that captured my heart (and originally led me to finding 221 Broderie) was  her embroidered brooch depicting Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespects.

View this post on Instagram

Details. #221broderie #embroidery #broderieluneville

A post shared by 221Broderie (@221broderie) on

I knew I would be proud to show off her work and wanted my readers to have the chance to fall in love with her unique work, so I was happy when she accepted my request for a collaboration. Although the price point is a bit higher than some shops, the amount of detail and extra work that goes into making embroidered, unique pieces is definitely worth the cost, and she happily offers custom pieces as well. In fact, she insisted on it! And we ended up deciding on a variety of items to show off her range: the spectrespect brooch, a pair of beaded pineapple earrings

…and a custom rendition of one of my favorite Disney dames (another one of those ladies who gets lost in official Disney merchandise), Esmeralda. I have a deep, deep love for her, and knew that Laureen, the artist behind the shop, would do her justice. Since her minimalist style was clear cut, I knew what Esmeralda would look like even before she arrived with her friends at my house, and I’m happy to say what I received did not disappoint.

I was unsure how the hand-embroidered pieces would feel and look in person since I don’t have any other accessories using this medium, and I was surprised to find that each item felt so different. Since Laureen makes use of additions like sequins and beads, the three items were of varying thicknesses and feels.


Similarly, the backs of the items were lined differently. The earrings and spectrespects were lined with felt, whereas Esmeralda was lined with a thin, leathery material. The brooches have the fascinator simply glued onto the back. While I think this is fine with the Esmeralda brooch, I’m curious to see how the glue holds up with the felt. Hopefully well! They seem solidly in place for both at the moment.

I was so excited about these new accessories (that would fill out my Harry Potter and Disney brooch collections nicely as well as my growing earrings collection), that I donned them the next day so that I could show them off to my lovely readers as soon as possible.

I put together a summery outfit (still a necessity here in the desert) that I felt matched all of my items perfectly. Honestly, these shorts might be the most versatile items I own! The pineapple earrings and spectrespects brooch were the items I actually wore around that day.


I will say that the spectrespects specifically were smaller in person than I had anticipated when looking at her photos online, but I ended up not minding this when actually putting them to use. I think they’re more versatile when they’re not…well….glasses-sized. In retrospect, the size Laureen made them is actually perfect.


I am honestly so ecstatic about my Esmeralda brooch. I think that her wardrobe perfectly lends her to Laureen’s minimalist style as she retains recognizability even when details are softened. Of all the items, Esmeralda is the thinnest as she has no embellishment, so I anticipate having to take extra care with her to make sure she doesn’t bend, but my handy dandy brooch holders should keep her nice and safe when I’m not wearing her.

If you’d like to order one of 221Broderie’s pieces for yourself, you can enter the code “LARK221B” until October 31st for free shipping! She may be from France, but you won’t have to worry about insane international shipping costs.

To follow her work, you can head to these social medias:



Miss Lark Bahar

Like Vines We Intertwine: 1950s Glam’s Marianne Floral Party Gown + Discount Code


Remember how I teased of things to come a few weeks back on my blog? Well here we are! 1950s Glam does it again! I’m excited to bring to my blog a gorgeous, custom-fitted, floral chiffon party gown from the amazing company that sent me the gorgeous Salmon Polka-Dot Swing Dress you might have caught on my blog not too long ago. It’s extremely rare to find a full-scale company that provides both ready-to-wear styles (like said polka-dot dress) as well as customizable options (like the gown I’m featuring today), and as someone whose measurements only fit into garments perfectly if a garment happens to have stretch in the right places (or simply doesn’t fit true to the size chart), having the option of customizing a dress is an absolute treat.

When perusing the site to choose a gown that caught my eye, my heart immediately fell on the Marianne. With it’s stunning floral pattern, fitted waist, and soft chiffon skirt, I knew this would be an item I would love to wear that would fit right into my wardrobe. When discussing the customizations of the skirt, I was asked the following three measurements: bust, waist, hips, hollow to hem, waist to hem, and height, and was assured that the hemline could easily be dropped down to give me a more mid-century length. Since the dress was strapless, I also expressed worry about the dress staying up without squeezing me given my bust-to-waist ratio, and the lovely Isabella suggested we switch the zipper to a tie back to make it even more customizable. As I haven’t had the fortune to receive many custom-fitted clothes (and oft-times the fit was off on these garments despite my careful measurements), I was much more nervous to receive this dress than its fellow ready-made piece.

The two dresses came to me separately (since customizing a dress extends arrival time for obvious reasons), and I can honestly say that I was thrilled when I pulled this dress out of its package.


I immediately noticed that, even lying flat on the floor, the silhouette would be absolutely perfect for my measurements/body type. The soft chiffon of the skirt felt like a soft breeze beneath my fingers and was layered over a smooth satin slip while the bodice felt nice and sturdy with solid boning and padding in the bust to give the body the proper support without needing any sort of bra. As discussed, my dress had the tie in the back instead of a zipper, and a solid amount of extra fabric was stitched inside so that if the ties couldn’t be closed completely in the back, more dress would be exposed instead of skin.
The tie provided was obviously cut from the same bolt of fabric as the gown, so it didn’t feel terribly sturdy, but since the gown was still cut to my measurements, I wasn’t worried about having to strain the ties to try to cinch myself in. The little tabs attached from the top of the back of the bodice to about a third of the way down the back felt very sturdily sewn on and served as a nice, thick foundation.
When I went to slip the gown on, I immediately had to undo the ribbon I’d prematurely laced up as there is no stretch to this gown (something I appreciate in a custom gown), and I couldn’t fit the waist over my shoulders or my hips. So I undid all but the top and slid it on and then proceeded to lace it up again from the front before turning it around. When laced up fully, I ended up having so much excess ribbon (since I easily closed the gown completely), that I had to weave it back up half-way and then tied it in the middle. This is useful if your size fluctuates as it means you will always have enough fabric to lace yourself up, but since I always stay at a relatively steady weight, I plan to cut it so that I can let the ribbon fall flat and smoothly to add to the softness of the skirt instead of having a bow at the waist.
As had seemed when I first held up and laid the dress out, the cut and shape of the bodice was absolutely perfect for my shape. While I wouldn’t do bridges or extreme backbends in the dress, I was able to shift around and lean back a bit without having my breasts pop out and exposing themselves to the world. The cup shape was just the perfect size and shape to cover me and give me support. The flare of the slip was more of an A-line flare than a full circle skirt, but the patterned chiffon layer was cut with a wider circumference so that my hands caught the light material with every sway and made it float around me in a pleasant way. The gown fit beautifully without a petticoat, but I opted for one anyway (my trusted Cosette from Malco Modes) since I felt it gave it the SLIGHTEST bit more of a 1950s feel.
With the beautiful pattern, I knew I had to find the rare green area in Tucson, so walked around campus a bit to find a place that would do this dress justice. My original plan was shot since the sun interfered, but I found this gorgeous corner behind one of our libraries covered in vines, and knew it would be the perfect place to take photos.
You can see what I mean about the bow at the waist in that last image. I personally think it’s much more flattering to have it softly fall straight down without the loops disrupting the overall look.
The construction of the bust is honestly to die for. It fit my 32DD size perfectly without any need for support since the top essentially served as a very comfortable bra – and all without squeezing me! Plus, it has a slight cone shape instead of being perfectly rounded, something I quite obviously appreciate.
While I know this gown is technically listed as a “party gown,” the moment I put it on and styled it, I knew that I would feel zero qualms wearing this as normal day-wear. After all, people already think I dress up, so why not really take the plunge? The soft floral pattern renders the design quite easy to dress up or down, and the sheen of the slip that shines through when coupled with the chiffon skirt just adds to the versatility of the gown. Plus, turns out I have the perfect shoes for this dress! Who knew these shoes would serve as anything but a neutral for me?
I’m terribly happy with this dress and more than ecstatic to FINALLY have a strapless gown in my rotation (a god-send in the desert climate) that I don’t have to spend all day tugging up to keep it in place. It’s comfortable, chic, and perfectly mid-century.
If you would like to follow 1950s Glam, you can head to these websites:
And to get 20% off everything in the store except for custom made to measure dresses up until August 31st, you can type in “misslarkbahar” at check-out!
Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: My New Icon – Artwork by Christine Geasey

From the moment I started contemplating creating a blog, I KNEW that I wanted to have an illustrated version of myself as my icon. I contemplated several options, but when Christine (also known as Miss Chris) offered her services to me when I first began posting on Facebook about the possible creation of a blog, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! As an avid fan of her artwork already, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a fellow vintage lover already familiar with my style who so obviously knows what she’s doing and understands the aesthetic.

Her work generally focuses on burlesque dancers, vampy dames, and Disney characters when she’s not working on commissions for other bloggers, and the above are some of my favorites. I adore her use of color and appreciate that she very obviously has a clear, recognizable style to her work – something that drew me in the moment I saw one of her pieces.

With my own piece, we bandied a few ideas back and forth before I finally settled on a specific painting whose composition seemed easy to fit into social media icons. This gorgeous Elvgren piece served as the inspiration and jumping-off point:


As we were both in the throes of schoolwork with the impending end of the semester, I decided to avoid my responsibilities (as one does) by sketching up an idea for what I wanted. I took the original position/general idea, and incorporated everything I wanted to add/alter – Meg’s flower, a Disneybound version of Belle’s look, a book, a Mickey brooch, and a Turkish tile umbrella.


A few weeks later, when we’d both finished our semesters and had a bit of a breather, Christine started sending me progress photos of my piece and regularly checking in to make sure I liked what was happening. While most artwork has awkward stages where the incompleteness renders the whole thing a bit awkward, I can honestly say that I never had that moment as Christine sent me updates. From pencil to paint, her work was truly beautiful start to finish and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my commission!


I adore every single detail and can’t really think of a way something could feel more “me.” I’m so glad Christine offered me her services and am excited to know that she’s branching out and starting to make headpieces as well! Wearable artwork is one of my favorite things.


If you would like to commission your own masterpiece or if you just want to see beautiful works of art on your feed, you can head to the below links to find her:


Art Instagram

Personal Instagram

Email: cgeasey@hotmail.com


Miss Lark Bahar

Winners of Pt. 2 of my 10K Giveaway!

At the beginning of this month, I decided to host a fun little giveaway for my followers in celebration of hitting 10K (now 12.5K!!!) followers on Instagram.

So today’s the day to announce my three prize winners!

The lucky dame who won this gorgeous selection of hair accessories from Belle Blossoms is the ever-lovely Paola from http://thehepburnmovement.blogspot.com! I’m excited to see how you style everything!


The lucky dame who won this wonderful blouse from My Premier Amour is emmacavity@gmail.com! Don’t forget to check your email for instructions on getting your top 💖


And our final prize winner is asbamasaint@yahoo.com! Check your email for instructions on getting your custom skirt from Vance Clothing arranged and ready to go 💕


Thank you to all who entered! I look forward to many more giveaways, and can’t wait to see how you winners style your prizes!



Miss Lark Bahar

Spotlight Saturday: Review of My Premier Amour’s Charm & Eloquence Blouse

Probably one of my favorite stylistic developments in the past year has been the peplum top. Whether cut to be worn as a peplum top, or a top I choose to wear over my skirts belted in a way to give the illusion of a peplum, they’re my favorite kind of top. I find that it adds variation to the oft-seen, common silhouette of the shirt tucked into the skirt/capris/shorts look one finds in most vintage and pin-up scenes while still retaining the gorgeous waist-defining look we all love.

When Daniela from My Premier Amour contacted me about a certain upcoming collaboration and offered to send me an item to review on my blog as well, I was ecstatic to visit her site and find peplums for sale!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.18.57 PM.png

After giving my bust and waist measurements and a quick discussion on what fabric I would like to use based on her on-hand selection…


…and whether I wanted a cream or black polka-dot mesh for the top, she quickly headed to the sewing room. In about 10 days, my blouse was shipped (though her website sites an average 2 week turnaround time as her items are generally custom)!

My top arrived quickly and softly packaged, with a cute little tag attached. Although I had been unsure whether the Paris print in pink would match the black mesh well enough (a decision I made solely because I’m a huge sucker for sheer black items), I was pleased to find it actually ended up matching perfectly.



Since I knew I wasn’t planning on spending any time outside today aside from walking to and from the car (I went to see the new Jane Austen film Love & Friendship – a brilliant satire – and grabbed dinner with my family and roommate), I decided to take my custom blouse out for its first outing. Though the sleeves are a very light mesh and so endurable in the Tucson heat for short periods of time, any kind of sleeve at all quickly results in feelings of discomfort in the heat here (the primary reason Le Bomb Shop’s Marilyn Tops get so much use in my summer wardrobe), so I knew I wanted to stay safe and wear it when I’d be inside.

I decided to pair it with a deep maroon vintage skirt and a breton hat of mine to play off of the “European” feel of the top and to play up the Paris-themed print.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The top did run a bit larger than I had anticipated as I gave my exact measurements, but as I had already fully planned on wearing it with a belt, this didn’t prove to be much of a problem. It still looked great on and was super comfortable with stitching in the right places to accommodate my strapless longline bullet bra, and plenty of room in the arms to move around (a problem I often encounter), and plenty of room in the neck despite the high cut.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m particularly fond of the fact that the fabric comes up high enough in the front to hide my vintage bullet bra (which is cut higher as they often are, so can’t be worn with many of my reproduction items), so I can wear this top without any kind of bra strap showing, creating a smooth line along the back and chest that’s usually broken up by some kind of line.

At just $32 a piece, these tops are extremely affordable custom options for the pin-up or vintage-lover on a budget who’s still looking for a well-constructed piece that will easily fit into one’s wardrobe while adding interest. I’m incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship!

(PS – ignore how uneven the hemline looks in the right photo, I’d just tugged it down too far and hadn’t noticed!)

Although these tops were my favorite, she has a whole slew of affordable designs that you can find on her website or Etsy, and she even popped in a little surprise gift!

You can find her/contact her via these social medias:
Email: mypremieramour@gmail.com

And if you like what you see, I’d definitely keep an eye on my blog 😉


Miss Lark Bahar

Housewife Chic by Ruby Brooches


As everyone knows, I’m a HUGE sucker for brooches. In fact, I’ve spent all day (trying) to put together a few brooch and pin holders for my quickly growing collection.


This past week has been full of brooch love as I not only won Deer Arrow’s most recent Instagram giveaway, but also finally opted to work with the gal behind Ruby’s Musings and her daughter to order a few brooches from their new shop HOUSEWIFECHICbyruby. I first met Ruby through Instagram where she originally found me, and we’ve stayed connected ever since. She has a gorgeous and incredibly helpful blog that she regularly updates with recipes, spotlights, and countless other topics, and with the help of her extremely talented daughter (the artist who creates the designs), they put together a brooch company that produces an adorable line of baking and kitchen-inspired brooches, busts, and any custom brooch you can dream up!

As someone who loves food but doesn’t generally have the time to cook and bake, I hesitated purchasing one of their original designs, but the amazing prices convinced me that didn’t matter. What really sealed the deal was when I saw their newer bust brooches accompanied by the new knowledge that they love custom orders and make amazing custom bust brooches as well!

I quickly took to their Etsy shop to begin discussions of ordering something myself. Ruby immediately responded and we quickly discussed possibilities. I mentioned that I was interested in a custom bust of my own, one of the busts her daughter had pre-designed, as well as a custom pair of red pointe shoes as inspired by the cover of one of my favorite films, “The Red Shoes.”


Ruby and her daughter were incredibly accommodating and by the following day we had decided how to execute the red shoes, and which close-up of mine (of the handful I sent) her daughter might want to work with most.


As I’m always interested in seeing the process and progress of any custom items I order, I asked if she could send me photos as her daughter created my brooches and she was more than happy to do so! Although she had mentioned that they were a bit busy currently given the interest following the custom bust brooch, I was amazed when three days later, Ruby contacted me with progress and completion photos!

Since this is often how long some shops take to ship who AREN’T hand-making custom items, I was ecstatic about the incredibly fast turnaround time and overall communication when my brooches arrived less than a week after we started discussing them. Not only that, but they’re sizable, yet incredibly affordable and lightweight due to the medium used! I wouldn’t change a thing about the designs I received – no mean feat as I’m quite a picky person. I will definitely be going back for more. Would love a few of their kitchen-themed items, and they have so many upcoming tea-themed brooches that look like they will be absolutely beautiful!

Take a gander at HOUSEWIFECHICbyruby’s brooches in action!

Blue Lady Head – Limited Edition



Custom “The Red Shoes” Brooch




Custom  Bust





If you’d like to find Ruby:
Shop Instagram; Blog Instagram


Miss Lark Bahar