Napoleon Bunaparte: A Brooch & a Kickstarter

Hello all!

While I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately with the impending completion of my Masters (by the end of today, I’ll have everything turned in and officially finished! Ahh!), I decided to throw in a brooch review for a great cause.


Emma, the owner of TEEhasashop on Etsy, contacted me recently wondering if I would like to review one of her items. What enthralled me was that this item came with a tale (AND a tail!). Not just an adorable little bunny brooch available in her shop, this brooch is also available as a prize in support of her Kickstarter campaign I’m excited to bring to light. This special Kickstarter exists to fund the wonderful idea of a picture book that tells the story of a horde of raging bunnies…and Napoleon Bonaparte.


Emma’s drawing of Napoleon under imminent bunny attack

You can head over to their Kickstarter page to find out more and donate to help this charming tale come to life, but hurry! It’s only running until December 18th. To quote Emma, this book “is aimed at curious people of all ages who love the theme of bunnies gone a bit vengeful, and unusual historical events, and also possessing lovely little books.” What more can one ask for from a picture book?

You can see me rocking Falafel the Bunny, as inspired from Emma’s own dalmation rex bunny, in today’s look. The perfect touch to an all black and white outfit.

Falafel is made of laser cut cherry wood with Emma’s cute illustration printed on top, and she’s perfectly affordable at only $7.83. I WILL say that the brooch arrived with the backing having popped off, but I blame international shipping. Easy fix with a little bit of glue, and no harm done, as you can see:



Falafel is the perfect little brooch for those rabbit-lovers out there, or really, anyone looking to expand their collection of animals. I finally have a rabbit to add to my brooch board, and she’s wonderfully versatile due to her coloring.

If you’d like to take a gander at her other illustrations and accessories, you can head over to her Etsy, Teehasashop, (she has a wonderful Fantastic Mr. Fox piece!) , and if you’d like to participate in Emma and and Tabi’s “‘Bunaparte’ – A Picture Book Based on a True Story” Kickstarter, you’d be helping spread the joy of reading in a unique, wonderful way.

Happy holidays, my friends!


Miss Lark Bahar


Mondays Need a Little Music: “Üsküdara Gİderİken”

Welcome to my first music feature!

Weekly I’m going to post a specific song that catches my heart and my mind in some way. Whether it be a song I’ve had on repeat, one that’s impacted my life, or something new I’ve discovered.

Today’s feature song is the classic Turkish song “Üsküdara Gideriken.” This is a song that, like all young Turkish children, I grew up singing non-stop, and the melody still runs through my mind and out of my lips on occasion. It was such a pleasure when I began diving into 1930s-1960s music to find Eartha Kitt’s cover of this classic and iconic Turkish song. Although she has a strong accent and takes some artistic liberties, it’s amazing to see a piece of Turkish (and Ottoman) culture brought to the light for audiences in the United States. This song went on to be a Top 40 hit of Eartha’s in 1953 but hasn’t seemed to have survived in the same way other hits of hers have. The song tells of a woman and a scribe, and their journey together to Üsküdar across the Bosphorus.

I’m attaching a fabulous video of Eartha performing the song live in the ’60s as well as a version sung by Safiye Ayla – a famous singer of Turkish Classical Music – so you can hear the original tone, sound, feel and pronunciation of the song.

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Miss Lark Bahar

“Üsküdar’a gider iken aldı da bir yağmur,
Kâtibimin setresi uzun eteği çamur.
Kâtip uykudan uyanmış gözleri mahmur.
Kâtip benim ben kâtibin el ne karışır,
Kâtibime kolalı da gömlek ne güzel yaraşır.
Üsküdar’a gider iken bir mendil buldum,
Mendilimin içine lokum doldurdum.
Kâtibimi arar iken yanımda buldum.
Kâtip benim ben kâtibin el ne karışır,
Kâtibime kolalı da gömlek ne güzel yaraşır.”

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