Read our lips – you’re in love! My New Vance Clothing Hercules Skirt

Though my love for Belle is limitless, I have to say that Meg has always been the gal who struck me as the most relatable. I’m more than convinced that we are – as Anne of Green Gables would say – kindred spirits. From her sharp, sarcastic wit, to her initial refusal to give Hercules the time of day, to her weak ankles, I’ve always identified with her most of the Disney girls and always felt it a grave mistake that the whole film is so underrepresented when it comes to merchandising. Although I had a whole slew of ideas when the lovely Zoe from Vance Clothing agreed to paint me a skirt, I finally settled on one of my favorite scenes of all time, Meg’s definitive “I Won’t Say I’m in Love.”

I’ve always loved that she’s quite obviously a romantic – just a romantic who respects her own well-being more than any sort damaging relationship that might get in her way. I love seeing the turmoil raging inside her during this song, and the brilliant muses (talk about underrepresented!) are the icing on the cake and the  cherry on top. Plus, I asked Zoe to feature the muses when they’re shown as busts instead of full-body – a nod from the film toward the Haunted Mansion statues and an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

So without further ado, I present to you her wonderful skirt in action!


And of course, I had to pair my skirt with my Hercules & Meg Disney pin 😉


Just check out those details on the skirt!


Aside from the adorable paint job, I was pleasantly surprised by what a full skirt Zoe sewed for me. Although I could have worn one, I opted out of any sort of petticoat today as I felt the voluminous material already had enough structure to give the same illusion. The skirt was sewn well and I have no worries that it will fall apart on me (as some custom items have made me feel). I will note that, as the design is painted on the fabric by hand, it’s definitely much stiffer than if it was a preconceived textile. It wrinkles much easier than plain fabrics, but that’s also part of what eliminates the need for a petti!

If you’d like to contact Zoe about a hand-painted skirt of your own, you can get in touch with her via her Instagram!

I can definitely feel an addiction coming on and have even contemplated painting some of my own skirts since there’s no way I could afford the whole slew of ideas I have!


Miss Lark Bahar





My 10K Giveaway, Pt. 2: Custom Hand-painted Skirt from Vance Clothing, Belle Blossoms Hair Accessories, and My Premier Amour Custom Blouse

Hello friends and followers!

As I’m sure many of you have seen on my Instagram, I recently hit 10K followers! 🎉🎈💥

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This is something that I had never imagined was a possibility! After all, it wasn’t THAT long ago that I was reeling over hitting just 1K. I’m so appreciative to all of my followers, old and new, and particularly appreciative of all those friends who stuck by my Instagram even when I started flooding it with photos of my vintage clothing.

Having seen this impending momentous occasion, I wanted to give a little something back to everyone, so sent out a call asking shops to collaborate with me. I was so pleasantly surprised at the wide range and quantity of responses, that I decided to split my giveaway into two parts, accessories, and bigger ticket items!

For this portion of my giveaway, 3 separate winners will be chosen for my three separate prizes. Here’s a break down of all three items and the contest widgets where you can enter. The contest ends June 12th – same date as the corresponding Instagram portion of my giveaway.

Prize 1:

The first item on my list is perhaps my favorite of the donated items as the possibilities are endless! Although I had known Miss Lillian Vance previously, it was upon seeing her photographs with Miss Victory Violet in Disneyland that I realized she is one of those talented people who can hand-make and hand-paint skirts! I immediately contacted her asking if we could work something out, and I am officially in her queue to get a skirt painted with Meg’s “Won’t Say I’m in Love” scene in Hercules.

I’m thrilled to announce that she’s also offering up a skirt for my contest! The skirt can be of cotton or felt material (your choice), and she’ll paint one image on it of your choice, as well. This is such a huge prize, and I’m so happy to give you all a chance to win one of her gorgeous works of art.

(A note, since this is a custom item, it’ll be at least a month before you receive it so Vance Clothing has time to discuss options with you, then sew and hand-paint it.)


Enter Vance Clothing Custom Skirt Giveaway


Prize 2: The second item on my list is a selection of hair accessories from Belle Blossoms, one of my all-time favorite hair flower designers out there, and my go-to shop for hair snoods and the holy grail brand of hair combs, Grip-Tuth. Though I haven’t been using flowers lately as the selection I had reached an untimely demise over the past year, I’m eagerly awaiting some hair flowers from Belle Blossoms myself and was so happy when she agreed to donate items for the giveaway.  She created a hair flower she calls “Erica’s Irish Wedding Clip” for my giveaway as well as sending along a white snood and a white scarf, perfect for wedding or daily wear in the hot summer time (pictured below)!

Enter Belle Blossoms’ Hair Accessory Giveaway


Prize 3:

If you saw my last post on my blog, you’ve seen my review of my custom My Premier Amour Charm & Eloquence blouse made for me with the gorgeous Paris print.


The final item in the blog portion of my giveaway is this same blouse in an adorably kitschy cat print customized to your size! Perfect for warmer or cooler weather, and to add that little extra bit of interest into your wardrobe with the peplum cut (pictured below).

(Note: Since this item is also made just for the winner, it will take around 2 weeks to get the top made from the time the winner is chosen.)

My Premier Amour’s Charm & Eloquence Blouse Giveaway

If smaller accessories float your boat, you can also head over to my Instagram for Part 1 of my giveaway and the chance to win all of these adorable items:


All you have to do is repost this image with the hashtag #misslarkbahar10kgiveaway on Instagram and follow the involved shops in the loop. For further details, head on over to my post about it.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for sticking around!


Miss Lark Bahar